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Abortion Problem in Cow and Buffalo

Abortions in cows and buffaloes can occur due to infectious agents, nutritional deficiencies, stress, or hormonal imbalances. Timely veterinary care, vaccination, and ensuring optimal herd management are vital in preventing and managing these instances of abortion in livestock.

Common causes of Abortion in Cattle include:

Infectious Agents

Bacterial infections like Brucella abortus (causing brucellosis), viral infections such as bovine viral diarrhea virus (BVDV), or parasites like Neosporacaninum can lead to abortions in cattle.

Nutritional Deficiencies

Inadequate nutrition, particularly deficiencies in minerals like selenium or vitamin E, can result in abortions or stillbirths in pregnant cattle.


Environmental stressors such as extreme temperatures, overcrowding, transportation, or handling can induce abortions in pregnant cows due to increased levels of stress hormones.

Hormonal Imbalances

Disturbances in hormonal regulation, including imbalances in progesterone or estrogen levels, can cause pregnancy losses or abortions in cattle.

Save your Cow & Buffalo from Abortion Issue

Tips for Prevention of Abortion Problems in Cattle

Preventing abortions in cattle involves vigilant care: regular vet check-ups, balanced nutrition, stress reduction, and strict biosecurity. Monitoring health, vaccination, and careful breeding management are crucial steps in safeguarding the herd against pregnancy losses.

Symptoms of Abortion in Cattle

Expulsion of Fetus

Sudden discharge of fetal tissues or fluids from the cow, often observed as a miscarriage or abortion.

Vaginal Discharge

Abnormal or foul-smelling vaginal discharge before or after abortion.

Behavioral Changes

Restlessness, discomfort, or unusual behavior in the cow preceding or following the abortion event.

Signs of Illness

The cow may show signs of illness, such as fever, reduced appetite, or decreased milk production, after an abortion.

Physical Examination

A veterinary examination might reveal an enlarged uterus, signs of infection, or abnormalities that indicate an abortion event.

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Homeopathy can help your Cow & Buffalo in Abortion Problems

Benefits of Abortigo

  1. Prevention and Treatment of Abortion in cows and buffalo
  2. It help out with threatened miscarriages
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  4. Save the life of mother and child

Treat your Cattle from Abortion problem with Dr.Goel’s Abortigo

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