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Homeopathic medicines for Dogs


Homeopathy is a Science

The homeopathic system of medicine is another side of the coin, other than the conventional medicines are based on the principle of “poison kills poison” whereas in the Homeopathic system that was pioneered by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann in Europe in the 19th century. Based on the principle “Similimum similibus curantur” or “Like cures like,” homeopathic practitioners have found that substances that produce symptoms similar to the symptoms of the disease can be used to cure that disease.

Homeopathy for Animals

Most Veterinarians or Pet Practitioners accept homeopathy because of the chronic and recurring nature of so many of the problems they see in our animal patients. The goal of homeopathic veterinarians is not merely to treat disease but to cure it. That is the most important concept of Homeopathic System of Medicine.  Homeopathic medicine can give cure with “No Side Effect” because these medicines are based on minimum medicine maximum cure concept.

Disease Can Be Treated By Homeopathy

A lot of problems that can’t be treated by conventional western medicine can be treated by homeopathy including chronic diseases that respond to homeopathy are skin allergies, ear infections, asthma, diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease, epilepsy, thyroid disease, and a host of other conditions. 


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