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Blue Tongue in Sheep & Goat

Blue tongue, a viral disease in sheep and goats transmitted by biting midges, leads to fever, facial swelling, tongue discoloration, and oral lesions. Vaccination, insect control, and quarantine measures are key for prevention and management.
Common causes of Blue Tongue in sheep & Goat include:

Vector Transmission

Spread through the bites of infected Culicoides biting midges, which act as carriers of the Blue Tongue virus.

Environmental Factors

Regions with suitable environmental conditions, like warm and humid climates, support the breeding and prevalence of the midges responsible for transmitting the virus.

Virus Variation

Different strains or serotypes of the Blue Tongue virus exist, influencing the severity and impact of the disease.

Animal Movement

Introduction of infected animals, particularly those asymptomatic carriers, can introduce and propagate the Blue Tongue virus within herds or regions.

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Tips for Prevention of blue tongue problem in sheep & goat

Preventing Blue Tongue in sheep and goats involves several key strategies. Implementing vaccination programs targeting prevalent virus strains is crucial. Controlling midge populations by managing breeding sites and using insecticides can limit transmission. Additionally, avoiding the introduction of infected animals and practicing quarantine measures for new arrivals help prevent the spread of the virus. These measures collectively aid in curbing the incidence and impact of Blue Tongue outbreaks in herds and flocks.

Symptoms of Blue Tongue problem in Sheep & Goat

Facial Swelling

Swelling around the face, particularly the head and neck area.

Blue Discoloration

Bluish tint or discoloration of the tongue and oral tissues.

Oral Lesions

Presence of sores or ulcers in the mouth and on the tongue.


Elevated body temperature.

Nasal Discharge

Runny or thick discharge from the nose.


Difficulty in movement due to joint swelling or inflammation

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