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Conception Problem in Cow and Buffalo

Conception problems in cattle involve challenges in achieving and maintaining successful pregnancies, leading to issues like low fertility, pregnancy loss, and extended calving intervals. Contributing factors include nutritional imbalances, diseases, genetics, and environmental stress. Effective management, veterinary care, and addressing these factors are crucial for preventing and managing conception problems in cattle.
Common causes of Conception in Cattle include:

Nutritional Deficiencies

Inadequate minerals and energy intake can impede reproductive success in cattle.

Disease and Infections

Reproductive tract infections can hinder fertility in both male and female cattle.

Genetic Factors

Certain genetic conditions or traits may affect fertility, contributing to conception challenges.

Environmental Stress

Factors like extreme weather conditions and improper housing can disrupt normal reproductive processes, impacting conception rates.

Save your Cow & Buffalo from Conception Problem

Tips for Prevention of Conception problem in Cattle

Preventing conception problems in cattle involves ensuring optimal nutrition, implementing disease control measures, choosing breeding stock with favorable traits, and managing environmental stressors. These practices collectively contribute to maintaining a healthy and fertile herd.

Symptoms of Conception in Cattle

Absence of Estrus Signs

Cows may not show typical signs of estrus or heat, such as mounting or restlessness.

Reduced Fertility Rates

Difficulty in achieving successful pregnancies despite regular mating or artificial insemination.

Prolonged Calving Intervals

Cattle taking longer than expected to conceive again after giving birth.

Higher Rates of Pregnancy Loss

Increased instances of early embryonic death or miscarriages. 5. Delayed Puberty: Late onset of sexual maturity in heifers.

Delayed Puberty

Late onset of sexual maturity in heifers.

Abnormal Vaginal Discharge

Presence of unusual discharge, which may indicate reproductive tract infections.

Changes in Estrous Behavior

Uncharacteristic or irregular behaviors during estrus.

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Homeopathy can help your Cow & Buffalo in Conception Problems

Benefits of Fertigo

  1. For increasing in Conception rate
  2. Maintain Ph level for increase sperm movement
  3. For Hormonal Balance after all
  4. For tonicity of genital organs
  5. For Artificial Insemination

Treat your Cattle from Conception problem with Dr. Goel’s FERTIGO

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