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Diabetes in Pets

Diabetes can also occur in pets, including dogs and cats. The condition is similar to diabetes in humans and involves the inability to regulate blood sugar levels effectively.
Here are four potential causes or risk factors associated with diabetes in pets:


Certain breeds of dogs and cats have a higher predisposition to developing diabetes. For example, in dogs, breeds like Poodles, Schnauzers, Beagles, and Samoyeds have a higher risk. In cats, Burmese cats are known to have an increased susceptibility. Genetic factors can influence the functioning of the pancreas and the body's ability to produce or utilize insulin.


Obesity is a significant risk factor for developing diabetes in both dogs and cats. Excess body fat can lead to insulin resistance, where the body's cells become less responsive to insulin. As a result, the pancreas must produce more insulin to regulate blood sugar levels, eventually leading to a state of insulin insufficiency and diabetes.


Inflammation of the pancreas, known as pancreatitis, can affect the production of insulin. Pancreatitis can be caused by various factors, including dietary indiscretion, obesity, certain medications, or underlying health conditions. Chronic pancreatitis can lead to long-term damage to the pancreatic tissue, affecting insulin production and increasing the risk of diabetes.


Certain medical conditions can predispose pets to developing diabetes. For example, Cushing's disease (hyperadrenocorticism) in dogs and hyperthyroidism in cats have been associated with an increased risk of diabetes. These conditions can affect hormone levels and disrupt the body's ability to regulate blood sugar effectively.

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Tips for preventing Diabetes in Pets

Prevent diabetes in pets by avoiding overfeeding and high-calorie treats. Obesity is a major risk factor, so maintain a healthy weight through a balanced diet and exercise. Collaborate with your veterinarian for a weight loss plan tailored to your pet’s needs, incorporating regular physical activity to improve insulin sensitivity and prevent obesity-related issues.

Other symptoms of Diabetes in pets

Here are eight common symptoms of diabetes in pets:


Pets with diabetes often experience excessive thirst and may drink more water than usual.


Diabetes can lead to increased urine production, causing pets to urinate more frequently, have accidents in the house, or need to go outside more often.


Despite eating more, pets with diabetes may still lose weight or have difficulty gaining weight due to their body's inability to properly utilize glucose for energy.


Unexplained weight loss is a common symptom of diabetes in pets. Despite having an increased appetite, their bodies may not effectively convert food into usable energy.


Diabetic pets may appear lethargic, tired, or weak. They may have reduced energy levels and be less active than usual.


Diabetes can affect the health of a pet's coat and skin. Their fur may become dry, dull, or have a poor texture. They may also develop skin infections or have slow-healing wounds.


In dogs, cataracts can develop as a result of diabetes. Pets may exhibit cloudiness or opacity in their eyes, leading to impaired vision or even blindness.


The pet having a history of diabetes is very prone of developing secondary infections on exposure to other bacteria, viruses or fungi. This can be exhibited in the form of respiratory infections, skin infections etc.

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