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Enterotoxaemia Problem in Sheep & Goat

Enterotoxemia, or overeating disease in sheep and goats, is caused by Clostridium perfringens bacteria. Sudden dietary changes or overconsumption of high-carb feeds can lead to fatal symptoms. Prevent with vaccination, carefully manage diet transitions, and ensure early detection and treatment for increased chances of survival.
Common causes of Enterotoxaemia in sheep & Goat include:

Dietary Changes

Abrupt shifts, especially towards high-carb feeds or lush pastures, disrupt gut bacteria balance, triggering enterotoxemia.

Overeating Concentrates

Excessive consumption of carbohydrate-rich grains or concentrates overwhelms the digestive system, inducing enterotoxemia.

Clostridium perfringens Bacteria

Ingesting the bacterium, especially types C and D, from the environment produces toxins, causing enterotoxemia.

Stress Factors

Transportation, handling, or sudden environmental changes weaken immunity, heightening susceptibility to enterotoxemia outbreaks.

Save your Sheep & Goat from Enterotoxaemia [E.T.] issue

Tips for Prevention of Enterotoxaemia problem in sheep & goat

Preventing enterotoxemia in sheep and goats requires vaccination against Clostridium perfringens C and D, gradual diet transitions, and good management practices, including regular feeding and a clean environment. Early monitoring for signs like bloating enables prompt intervention, significantly reducing outbreak risk.

Symptoms of Enterotoxaemia problem in sheep & Goat

Abdominal Distension/Bloating

Visible swelling of the abdomen due to gas accumulation.

Sudden Death

In severe cases, affected animals may die suddenly without showing prior symptoms.

Convulsions or Muscle Tremors

Uncontrolled movements or shaking.

Abnormal Posture

Arched back, reluctance to move, or standing in a hunched position.

Weakness or Depression

Lethargy, decreased activity, or standing apart from the flock.

Respiratory Distress

Labored breathing or panting.


Reduced or complete loss of appetite.

Uncoordinated Movements

Difficulty in walking or maintaining balance.

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Homeopathy can help your Sheep and Goat in Enterotoxaemia Problems

Benefits of ETOXIGO

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  2. Helps in gastric ulcers
  3. Manage glandular swelling problem
Etoxigo Homeopathic medicine for controlling of Entro Toxaemia in sheep and goat



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Etoxigo for sheep & goats is helpful in the control of EnteroToxaemia [E.T]. It is a homeopathic remedy that helps in treating gastric ulcers, gastritis, glandular swelling, and abdominal swelling & pain. It is a homeopathic remedy that is safe and side-effect-free.


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