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Fever in Cattle

Fever in cattle, marked by a body temperature above 102.5°F (39.2°C), can arise from infections, heat stress, metabolic problems, inflammation, or toxin exposure. Detecting fever involves noting behavior changes and using a rectal thermometer. Veterinary consultation is crucial for diagnosis and treatment, as fever often signals an underlying health concern needing attention.
Common causes of fever in Cattle include:


Bacterial, viral, or fungal infections such as pneumonia, mastitis, or foot rot can induce fever in cattle.

Heat Stress

Exposure to extreme temperatures or inadequate shelter in hot climates can lead to heat stress, causing a rise in body temperature.

Metabolic Disorders

Conditions like acidosis or ketosis can trigger a fever response in cattle due to metabolic imbalances.

Inflammation or Injury

Any form of inflammation or significant injury, such as deep wounds or abscesses, might result in a fever as the body responds to the trauma.

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Tips for Prevention fever in Cattle

Preventing fever in cattle involves cleanliness, balanced nutrition, and regular health checks. Vaccinations, suitable shelter, and prompt care for injuries or illnesses are crucial. Monitoring for behavioral changes allows early intervention, reducing the risk of fever and promoting overall herd health

Symptoms of fever in Cattle

Elevated Body Temperature

Typically above 102.5°F (39.2°C) when measured using a rectal thermometer.

Reduced Appetite

Cattle may show a decrease in feed intake or refuse to eat altogether.

Lethargy or Weakness

They might appear listless, lethargic, or demonstrate reduced activity levels.

Increased Respiratory Rate

Rapid or labored breathing might be observed, especially in conjunction with fever.

Shivering or Trembling

Cattle might exhibit shivering or trembling, particularly if the fever is a result of exposure to cold conditions.


Fever can lead to increased water loss, causing dehydration, which may be indicated by sunken eyes or dry mucous membranes.

Behavioral Changes

Restlessness, isolation from the herd, or seeking cooler or warmer areas than usual could signify discomfort due to fever.

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