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Fever in Sheep & Goat

Fever in sheep and goats, with a normal range of 101.5°F to 104°F (38.6°C to 40°C), usually indicates an underlying health issue such as infections, stress, metabolic problems, inflammation, or toxicity. Monitoring symptoms alongside temperature and seeking veterinary advice helps identify the cause and treat the underlying problem promptly.
Common causes of Fever in sheep & Goat include:


Bacterial, viral, or parasitic infections like pneumonia, mastitis, foot rot, or enteritis can elevate body temperature.

Stress or Environmental Factors

Overcrowding, extreme weather conditions, transportation stress, or sudden dietary changes can lead to stress-induced fever.

Metabolic Disorders

Conditions such as ketosis or enterotoxemia can cause fever in these animals.

Inflammatory Conditions

Inflammation due to abscesses, arthritis, or other internal issues may result in elevated body temperature.

Save your Sheep & Goat from Fever issue

Tips for Prevention of Fever problem in sheep & Goat

To prevent fever in sheep and goats, prioritize vaccination, ensure proper nutrition, and maintain a stress-free environment. Regular health checks, particularly in high-risk periods, and stringent bio-security measures, including quarantine for new animals, are critical for early detection and infection prevention.

Symptoms of Fever in sheep & Goat

Elevated Body Temperature

Normal temperatures range between 101.5°F to 104°F (38.6°C to 40°C), and fever manifests as a higher-than-normal temperature.


Reduced energy levels, increased rest, or reluctance to move.

Loss of Appetite

Decreased interest in food and water intake.

Shivering or Increased Panting

These animals may exhibit signs of discomfort or attempt to regulate their body temperature.

Reduced Activity

A decrease in usual activities and interactions within the herd or flock.

Dull Coat or Rough Hair

Changes in the coat condition might be observed along with other symptoms.

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