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Fibrosis Problem in Cow and Buffalo

Mastitis in cattle is an udder inflammation often caused by bacterial infection. It leads to reduced milk quality and quantity. Prevention includes good hygiene, proper milking practices, and prompt treatment with antibiotics. Chronic cases may require veterinary attention.
Common causes of Fibrosis in Cattle include:

Chronic Infections

Bacterial and parasitic infections contribute to prolonged inflammation, leading to fibrosis in cattle.

Toxic Exposures

Mycotoxins and chemical toxicity, often from contaminated feed, induce organ damage and fibrosis in cattle.

Metabolic Conditions

Fatty liver disease and copper toxicosis, associated with improper nutrition, result in liver damage and fibrosis.

Repetitive Trauma or Stress

Injuries from mishandling, inadequate housing, or transportation stress can cause chronic stress-related fibrosis in cattle.

Save your Cow & Buffalo from Fibrosis issue

Tips for Prevention of Fibrosis problem in Cattle

To prevent fibrosis in cattle, focus on a proactive health program, proper nutrition, and stress reduction. Regular veterinary check-ups, clean environments, and well-managed transportation also play key roles in minimizing the risk of fibrosis issues in cow and buffalo.

Symptoms of Fibrosis in Cattle

Respiratory Distress

Look for signs like coughing, labored breathing, and reduced exercise tolerance, which may indicate fibrosis in the respiratory system.

Digestive Issues

Watch for decreased appetite, weight loss, and changes in bowel movements as potential indicators of fibrosis affecting the digestive tract.

Decreased Milk Production

A sudden decline in milk yield could be a symptom of fibrosis, particularly in the udder.

Generalized Weakness

4. Generalized Weakness

Enlarged or Swollen Organs

Check for an enlarged liver or spleen, which can be indicative of fibrosis in these organs.


Swelling, especially in the legs or abdomen, may be a sign of fibrosis-related fluid retention.

Reduced Reproductive Performance

: Lower fertility rates and irregular estrus cycles can suggest fibrosis affecting reproductive organs.

Changes in Behavior

Observe for signs of agitation, restlessness, or expressions of pain or discomfort associated with fibrosis.


Yellowing of mucous membranes or skin may be a symptom of fibrosis-related liver dysfunction.

Poor Coat Condition

A dull or rough hair coat can be an external indication of underlying fibrosis issues in cattle.

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Homeopathy can helps your Cow & Buffalo in Fibrosis Problems

Benefits of Teatasule Fibrogold Kit

  1. Yellowish due to pus in milk
  2. Curdling of fresh milk
  3. Watery milk
  4. Udder hard as stone
  5. Funnel-shaped teats in cow and buffalo.
  6. Acute & Sub-acute Fibrosis
  7. Bleeding From Teats
  8. Pinkish Color in milk
  9. Cracks in Teats

Treat your Cattle from Fibrosis problem with Dr.Goel’s Teatasule Fibrogold Kit

TEATASULE FIBRO GOLD KIT is the best Homeopathic Veterinary Medicine for female animals in the case of chronic and clinical mastitis. TEATASULE FIBRO GOLD KIT is very effective in case of chronic or clinical mastitis when the udder is as hard as a stone, teats are shrunk with fibroids developed in the teats, and in teat cracks.


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