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Foot and Mouth problem in Sheep and Goat

Foot-and-Mouth Disease (FMD) in sheep and goats manifests as vesicles on the feet, mouth, and udders, causing reduced productivity, weight loss, and lameness. Young animals may face high mortality. The disease has economic repercussions, impacting trade and requiring vaccination, bio-security measures, and prompt reporting for effective control.
Common causes of FMD in Sheep and Goat

Viral Transmission

Highly contagious FMD virus spreads through direct contact, contaminated equipment, and the environment.

Poor Bio-security

Inadequate measures, like insufficient quarantine, contribute to virus introduction and spread within flocks/herds.

Global Trade and Movement

Movement of infected animals or contaminated products across borders increases the risk of FMD transmission.

Lack of Vaccination

Failure to implement routine vaccination leaves sheep and goats susceptible to FMD infection.

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Tips for Prevention of FMD problem in Sheep & Goat

Preventing Foot-and-Mouth Disease (FMD) in sheep and goats involves strict bio-security with quarantine measures, adherence to vaccination schedules, controlled animal movement, and maintaining environmental hygiene. These practices collectively reduce the risk of FMD outbreaks and contribute to the overall health of the flock or herd.

Symptoms of FMD in Sheep & Goat


The development of vesicles (fluid-filled blisters) on the feet, mouth, and udders.


Difficulty in walking due to painful vesicles on the feet.

Reduced Feed Intake

Infected animals may show a decrease in appetite, leading to reduced feed intake.


An increase in body temperature is a common symptom of FMD.


Excessive salivation due to painful mouth vesicles.

Weight Loss

Infected animals may experience weight loss as a result of reduced feed consumption.

Reduced Milk Production

Dairy animals may exhibit a significant decline in milk production.


Infected sheep and goats often appear lethargic and less active than usual.

High Mortality in Young Animals

FMD can be severe in young animals, leading to a higher mortality rate.

Spread to Other Cloven-Hoofed Animals

Sheep and goats can transmit the virus to other susceptible animals, exacerbating the risk of a broader outbreak.

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