Frequenty Asked Question (FAQ)

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Q1. Hair fall problem ?
  • Provide good nutrition.
  • Take care of hormonal profile.
  • Keep allergens away.
  • Supplement with good minerals and vitamins mixes. (Healthy and yummy for them).
  • Less chemicals, more natural.
Q2. Paw licking habit by dogs ?
  • Paw licking and wounds in and around interdigital spaces is yet another symptom of atopic/ allergic dermatitis.
  • Keep the allergens away.
  • Give proper foot bath in cold water with good antiseptics.
  • Use Dermisule drops.
Q3. My 11 month old Golden Retriever is shedding a lot, is this normal ?

Shedding of hair is quite common in fact a natural behaviour during seasonal changes among all dog breeds especially the furry ones. However this could be bettered by supplementing with good coat enhancers like Me & my skin and coat granules. Totally side effects free

Q4. Please adviceon the reduction of hair fall in the Indies ?
  • Please use Me & my coat granules for healthier coat.
  • De worm the pet with dermisule drops.
  • Dermisule drops for reducing any kind of skin allergy.
  • Me& my shampoos for bath.
Q5. What should we feed our dog ? Please tell me
  • Provide a balanced feed plan keeping in care of all essential nutrients.
  • Provide homemade food, eggs, some curd, bones and flesh to take care of mineral and vitamins also.
  • Avoid processed commercial feeds from markets.
  • Supplement with Me & my calcium
  • Me& my immunity
  • Me & my skin & coat
Q6. Puppies diagnosed with mange for life. Diet ? Antibiotics – is it compulsory.

Please go for homeopathic medicine Dermisule drops. Zero side effects and maximum efficacy in a short period of usage. You won’t be in need of any antibiotics anymore

Q7. How to make a Shih Tzu coat smooth and silky on a home fed vegetarian diet ?
  • Provide more proteins and use a supplement to provide essential nutrients and elements.
  • Me & my skin and coat granules.
Q8. What’s the cure for fleas and ticks ? I am applying coconut oil mixed with camphor.

Use me & my ticks & fleas shampoo

Q9. My 11 weeks Maltese has very flaky white skin coming out and black dry spots ?
  • Possibly ring worm infection
  • Use dermisule drops for skin condition ,
  • Me & my immunty granules for immunomodulation,
  • Me& my anti dandruff shampoo for bath
Q10. How to minimize shedding when is it the most and is there any homeopathic medicine to treat dry coat ?
  • Shedding of hair occurs most often during changing of seasons and approaching warm and humid weather.
  • However, the condition can be reduced and the better fur be maintained using Me & my skin and coat granules ( homeopathic)
Q11. I am going to Leh next month for a period of two years. Will my golden be ok ? He is 1 year old.

As your pet is quite young, it may need a window of time for acclimatization to such a new place and sometimes pets might suffer from transient stress also. But if he is very adaptive then certainly he will be alright to that place.

Q12. Please suggest different kinds of medications for different kinds of skin ailments ?
  • Dermisule- for mange/ skin lesions.
  • Me & my skin and coat granules for healthy for healthier fur
  • Me & my anti dandruff shampoo for fungal infections and skin flaking
  • Me & my aloevera shampoo for soothing skin and allergies
  • Me & my ticks and fleas shampoo for repelling ticks and fleas
Q13.What is the most common cause of skin problems in dogs ?

Weak immune system

Q14.Does nutrition have anything to do with pet skincare ?


Balanced nutrition with good amount of carbs, proteins, fatty acids and elemental minerals and vitamins improve the skin conditions

Q15 . Is homeopathy safe for pets ?

Totally safe, with zero side effects and maximum results

Q16. Is there any specific homeopathy medicine for allergies in pets ?
  • Wheezgo for respiratory allergies
  • Dermisule for skin allergies
  • Inflasule for eye allergies
Q17.My doggie is quite prone to fungus infections. What is the reason for this and how can I solve it ?

Fungus infections are recurrent due to weaker immune system. Go for immunomodulators and non steroidal antifungals. Avoid sugary foods if given to pet.

Q18. I keep my dog indoors, but he still gets a lot of ticks ?

Deworming is the key. Also use anti tick shampoos for bath

Q19. Can homeopathy be given alongside other regular pet medicines ?

Yes. Totally safe!

Q20.Which multivitamins for 3 month old male Shih Tzu ?
  • Calcium and phosphorus for good skeletal strength.
  • Micronutrients like vitality and iron granules for healthy skin and organs.
  • Immunomodulators like canasule no. 1 for strong immuntiy And regular deworming.
Q21. Do the me&my coat granules or Dermisule drops have side effects ?

100% safe

Q22. After I gave him Dermisule. He is passing motions and not eating any food ?

Nothing because of Dermisule. He might have some kind of gut infection so you can go for a course of antibiotics, he will be fine.

Q23. He’s doing this from last week, just smelling his food and stepping back. What to do ?

It’s called hunger satiety. Kindly practice intermittent fasting with him. Starve for few hours and then offer food.

Q24. Scotch hates kibbles; in case we travel we can’t always prepare homemade stuff. What can we do ?

Feed some curd and boiled eggs.

Q25. 8 month old Golden retriever male, suddenly stopped eating. Blood and stool fine, eats with his own wish. Any advice ?

Livertonic is the key.

Q26. 6 year old, always hungry. Can’t digest properly. Also lost 3 kgs ?

It’s called hyperorexia. May be he has got worms in gut.

Q27. American Bully 1.5 years, starting summer just not eating kibble even with chicken added and only wants rice ?

Get LFT done

Q28. My pug is 2 and he doesn’t like eating food nowadays, we try that he eats but he’s not interested ?

Vitamin B complex + C.

Q29. My cat looks skinny and I think she is not eating enough, what should I do ?

De-worm her. Give protein and carb rich diet later.

Q30. My 6 m/o German shepherd refuses to eat, wants to play only ?

Transition phase of life where feed is only needed for maintenance and not for growth. Award him with treats often to help him get attention towards food.

Q31.Yes! All of a sudden since the summer started my dog bubbles has lost her appetite ?
  • LFT.
  • Meanwhile you can offer curd or buttermilk once a day with diet.
  • Avoid chicken or eggs or dals if given.
Q32. And the other things I have to feed her ?
  • Can offer some rice or chapati, boiled veggies and eggs.
  • Sometimes canned food or treats also for a change.
Q33. Yes, my doggo is not taking proper diet from last 10 days ?

Vitcofol + liv 52 / Hambal Liv ( Homeopathic )

Q34. My 1 y/o Shih Tzu is totally avoiding her meals and seeking only treats all day long ?
  • Reduce treats gradually and replace once by proper meal.
  • Multivitamins and minerals like phos and copper need to be supplemented along.
Q35. My pup’s diet went down drastically after he recovered from tick fever..Any suggestions ?

Tick fever hampers working of liver and also causes anaemia. So preferably a good liver tonic and iron supplementation along with copper and cobalt would help.

Q36. My female Shih Tzu pup is 7 months old and she still didn’t come to heat ?
  • Fertigo
  • Proper exercise
  • Minerals and vitamins supplementation
Q37. My retriever has diarrhea, how to cure it ?
  • Antibiotics with metronidazole.
  • Lots of fluids with electrolytes.
  • Deworming on proper intervals.
  • Diasule for homeopathic treatment
Q38. Due to lockdown, we can’t take her out but now she won’t eat also ?

Add home play games like hide and seek or fetch to make them more active. Give enough water to keep the metabolism upto mark

Q39. Is it ok to feed only packet food? Or should I add rice and egg.

Homemade foods are better for long term good health.

Q40. How to create food drive ? He only runs for treats but not excited for food.

Right after his exercise offer him food and hide up all the treats

Q41. Does moving houses impact dogs ?

Yes, moving houses can be a lot stressful to pets. However the stress reduces very fast as they get familiar with new places and people

Q42. My pet is not eating food ?
  1. Exercise
  2. Appetizers
  3. Change in feed
  4. Treat them
Q43. What can we do if our puppy shows signs of fear/ aggression ?
  • Show more compassion.
  • Good amount of daily exercises.
  • Behavioural trainings.
  • Castration
Q44. Skipping meals, distancing himself from everyone, hiding (male shih tzu 3 y/o) ?
  • He is anxious. Find out the reason what gets him anxiety.
  • Compassion, calming gestures, treats, exercises, play activities, socializing with other dog friends can help
Q45. How is stress harmful for pets ?

Stress releases bad hormones in body which on continuous release raise different health issues which can go as bad as organ failures or stress induced cancers

Q46. How to manage their anxiety at home ?

Spending more time with pet, petting them, involve distractions, induce toys in play time, exercises or walks, music therapy or even can use anxiety / stress relieving medicines

Q47. Please suggest ways to calm my dog during car rides ?
  1. Can go for restraints, toys or give them their favourite cloth.
  2. Sedatives
  3. Take them on short car rides often to develop resistance
Q48. Do cats get stressed too ?

Cats are very often to be affected by stress and boredom

Q49. My 2 y/o pug gets nervous and hides when he sees other dogs ? Please help!

That is a sign of fear and is because of least social contact. Practice to train them or take them to dog parks often so that they can socialize and make friends.

Q50. My dog has become overly attached. Gets very restless if I step out of home. Any advice ?
  • Crate training can def help.
  • Leave your dog for few hours in crate while you are still present around. Give them toys and treats while they are crated to distract them. After few days of this training, start to disappear for sometime from their sight while they are still busy in their crate. Remember behaviour change and behavioural training gets better with time.
Q51. My 8 m/o Toy Poodle humps our hands at night. When to neuter him ? We think after 1.5 years.
  • Yes 1- 1.5 years is the perfect age