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Immunity Booster in Sheep & Goat

Boosting immunity in goats and sheep post-disease and deworming involves a balanced diet, proper vaccination, stress reduction, and potential use of herbal supplements or probiotics. Maintaining a clean environment and vigilant monitoring for signs of illness are vital for overall health. Consultation with a veterinarian is recommended for tailored health management.
Common causes of Low immunity in sheep & Goat include:

Poor Nutrition

Inadequate or imbalanced diets compromise immune function.

Parasitic Infections

Heavy worm infestations weaken the immune response.

Stress Factors

Overcrowding, diet changes, and adverse conditions suppress immunity.

Lack of Vaccination

Absence of a vaccination program leaves animals vulnerable to diseases.

Save your Sheep & Goat from Low Immunity issue

Tips for Prevention of Low Immunity in Cattle

Preventing low immunity in cattle involves a balanced diet, effective parasite control, regular vaccinations, clean water access, stress management, quarantine measures, and genetic selection for disease resistance. Regular veterinary check-ups and meticulous record-keeping are crucial for proactive herd health management.

Symptoms of Low Immunity in sheep & Goat

Frequent Illness

Increased susceptibility to common diseases and infections.

Slow Recovery

Prolonged or difficult recovery from illnesses or infections.

Weight Loss

Unexplained weight loss despite a consistent diet.

Reduced Appetite

A decline in eating habits or interest in feed.

Poor Coat Condition

Dull, rough, or shedding coats indicative of underlying health issues.


Lack of energy, reduced activity, and general listlessness.


Signs such as sunken eyes or dry mucous membranes.

Digestive Issues

Diarrhea or constipation may indicate a compromised digestive system.

Respiratory Problems

Coughing, nasal discharge, or labored breathing may suggest respiratory infections.

Increased Susceptibility to Parasites

Higher vulnerability to internal and external parasites.

Poor Reproductive Performance

Reduced fertility or reproductive issues in breeding animals.

General Weakness

Overall weakness and difficulty standing or walking.

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Homeopathy can helps your sheep & Goat in Low Immunity

Benefits of Caprasule

  1. Anemia
  2. Bronchitis
  3. Tuberculosis
  4. Chronic Disorder Of Eyes
  5. Mental Troubles due to Injury
  6. Mental effect of falls and blows

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Frequently Asked Questions

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