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Indigestion Anorexia & Liver Disorders Disease in Cattle

Indigestion, anorexia (loss of appetite), and liver disorders in cattle result from factors like sudden diet changes, stress, or bacterial infections. Preventive measures involve balanced diets, gradual transitions, suitable roughage, stress reduction, and regular veterinary care for early detection and management. Consulting a veterinarian is crucial for accurate diagnosis and tailored treatments.

Common causes of Respiratory Indigestion Anorexia & Liver Disorders in Cattle include:

Dietary Imbalance

Sudden diet changes or poor nutrition can cause indigestion and anorexia, contributing to liver issues like fatty liver syndrome.

Stress and Environment

Environmental stressors can trigger respiratory issues, affect appetite, and impact liver health in cattle.


Respiratory infections can lead to anorexia and digestive disturbances, sometimes affecting the liver's function.


Ingestion of toxic substances or contaminated feed can result in respiratory issues, indigestion, and liver disorders in cattle.

Save your Cow & Buffalo from Indigestion Anorexia & Liver Disorders

Tips for Prevention Indigestion & Liver Disorder Disease in Cattle

Preventing indigestion and liver disorders in cattle involves maintaining a balanced diet with gradual dietary changes, adequate roughage, and proper nutrition to prevent metabolic disturbances. Avoiding abrupt shifts in feed, ensuring clean and toxin-free environments, and reducing stress through optimal living conditions are crucial. Regular veterinary check-ups aid in early detection of any digestive or liver issues, allowing prompt intervention and management to maintain cattle health.

Symptoms of Indigestion Anorexia &
Liver Disorder in Cattle


Abdominal discomfort, restlessness, or kicking due to gas or digestive issues.


Loss of appetite, decreased rumination, leading to weight loss or poor body condition.

Liver Disorders

Jaundice (yellowing of mucous membranes/skin), reduced milk production, weakness, and abdominal swelling due to fluid buildup.

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Homeopathy can help your Cow & Buffalo Supporting indigestion Anorexia & Liver Disorder disease

Benefits of R. Blotasule

  1. Helpful in treating problems of indigestion,
  2. Anorexia,
  3. Liver disorders.

Treat your Cattle from Indigestion Anorexia & Liver Disorder

A multi-purpose remedy for digestive problems of animal & also act as a liver enhancer. R. Blotasule gives magical relief in anorexia & indigestion. R. Bloatasule relieves , acute & sub – acute tympany in a very short periods. Animal starts rumination with in 2 hours after treatment of R. Bloatasule while with others treatment takes 24 hours to bring back the rumination. In reoccurring tympany R. Blotasule is most effective.


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गोजातीय थनैला रोग शारीरिक आघात या सूक्ष्मजीवों के संक्रमण के कारण उदर ऊतक की लगातार, भड़काऊ प्रतिक्रिया है थनैला रोग, एक संभावित घातक स्तन ग्रंथि संक्रमण, संयुक्त राज्य अमेरिका और दुनिया भर में डेयरी मवेशियों में सबसे आम बीमारी है। यह डेयरी उद्योग के लिए सबसे महंगी बीमारी भी है।  थनैला रोग से पीड़ित गायों के दूध में दैहिक कोशिका की संख्या में वृद्धि होती है थनैला रोग की

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