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Physical irritability problem in Cattle

Physical irritability in cattle can stem from pain, discomfort, environmental stressors like overcrowding or extreme temperatures, handling-related stress, insect infestations, and underlying health issues. Identifying and addressing these factors are vital to alleviate irritability and maintain the cattle’s well-being.
Common causes of Physical Irritability & body tremors in cattle include:

Pain or Discomfort

Conditions such as injuries, infections, lameness, or mastitis can cause discomfort leading to physical irritability and sometimes manifest as body tremors due to the animal's response to pain.

Metabolic Disorders

Certain metabolic issues like hypocalcemia (milk fever) or hypomagnesemia (grass tetany) can induce physical irritability and tremors in cattle due to imbalances in essential minerals affecting nerve and muscle function.


Ingestion of toxic plants or substances can cause physical irritability and body tremors in cattle. Some plants, chemicals, or minerals can adversely affect the nervous system, leading to such symptoms.

Nervous System Disorders

Certain neurological conditions or diseases, such as bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) or other neurological infections, can lead to tremors and physical irritability in affected cattle due to the impact on the nervous system.

Save your Cow & Buffalo from physical irritability & body tremors

Save your Cow & Buffalo from physical irritability & body tremors

Preventing irritability and tremors in cattle involves maintaining a clean, stress-free environment with proper ventilation and space. Regular health check-ups, a balanced diet, and toxin-free pastures help prevent metabolic imbalances. Early veterinary attention for behavioral changes ensures prompt intervention and effective management.

Symptoms of physical irritability &
body tremors disease in Cattle

Restlessness or Agitation

Cattle may exhibit signs of discomfort, restlessness, or irritability, often pacing or moving about more than usual.

Muscle Tremors or Twitching

Visible involuntary movements or trembling of muscles, particularly noticeable in specific areas of the body.

Abnormal Behavior

Changes in behavior, such as increased sensitivity to touch, reluctance to move, or unusual responses to stimuli.

Difficulty in Coordination

Lack of coordination or unsteadiness while walking, standing, or performing usual activities.

Increased Vocalization

Cattle might vocalize more than usual, indicating discomfort or agitation.

Reduced Feed Intake

Disinterest in food or a decrease in feed consumption could also be observed.

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Homeopathy can helps your Cow & Buffalo in treating physical irritability & body tremors

Benefits of Mandgole

  1. Helpful For Physical irritability
  2. Cure fever
  3. Treat excitement and nervous disorders for varied reasons.

Treat your Cattle with Dr. Goel’s Mandgole

MANDGOLE is a Homeopathic Veterinary Medicine for symptoms of acute and chronic meningitis or surra like symptoms in large animals or treating the poisonings of fertilizer and harmful weeds in which excitement, mania, rage, or hallucination occurs due to physical irritability due to sudden changes in climatic temperature affecting the cattle health.


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