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Pneumonia & HS Problem in Sheep & Goat

Pneumonia and Caseous Lymphadenitis (HS) are prevalent respiratory diseases in sheep and goats. Pneumonia, from bacteria or viruses, presents with coughing and fever. Prevention: good ventilation, nutrition, and stress reduction. HS, caused by Corynebacterium pseudotuberculosis, results in pus-filled lumps. Control: vaccination, quarantine, and culling. Regular veterinary monitoring and proactive management are key for effective prevention in flocks/herds.

Common causes of Pneumonia & HS in sheep & Goat include:

Bacterial Infections

Pathogens like Mannheimiahaemolytica, Pasteurellamultocida, and Mycoplasma species are frequent culprits causing pneumonia in these animals, especially when environmental stressors weaken their immune systems.

Viral Infections

Respiratory viruses such as the Parainfluenza virus, Adenovirus, and Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) can also lead to pneumonia in susceptible sheep and goats.

Environmental Factors

Poor ventilation, overcrowding, drafts, sudden changes in weather, or exposure to damp and cold conditions can predispose these animals to respiratory issues.

Parasitic Infections

Lungworms and other internal parasites can cause respiratory distress, leading to secondary bacterial infections and pneumonia.

Save your Sheep & Goat from Pneumonia & HS issue

Save your Sheep & Goat from Pneumonia & HS issue

Preventing pneumonia and Caseous Lymphadenitis (HS) in cattle includes maintaining good ventilation, minimizing stress, and ensuring proper nutrition for pneumonia. Vaccinations target key pathogens. HS prevention involves strict hygiene, regular health checks, prompt isolation, and treatment. Implementing bio-security protocols and culling infected individuals are crucial to prevent herd-wide spread.

Symptoms of Pneumonia & HS in sheep & Goat


frequent coughing, sometimes with nasal discharge.


Elevated body temperature, often accompanied by lethargy.

Rapid Breathing

Increased respiratory rate or difficulty breathing.

Loss of Appetite

Decreased interest in food and water.

Nasal Discharge

Clear, mucous-like discharge that may become thicker or discolored.


Reduced activity levels, standing apart from the flock/herd.


Decreased energy, reluctance to move.


Visible and palpable lumps or swellings under the skin, usually in the lymph nodes (e.g., around the head, neck, or shoulders).

Draining Tracts

Abscesses may rupture, forming open sores or draining tracts that discharge thick pus-like material.


Similar to pneumonia, affected animals may show signs of reduced activity and energy.

Loss of Appetite

A decreased interest in eating and drinking.


Elevated body temperature, indicating an inflammatory response.

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Homeopathy can helps your sheep & Goat in Pneumonia & HS Problems

Benefits of Hemisept

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  2. Helpful in Hs
  3. Cure coughing problem
  4. Treat respiration problem

Treat your Sheep and Goat from Pneumonia & Hs and related problem with Dr. Goel’s Hemisept

Hemisept for sheep & Goat is a very useful homeopathic medicine to cure Pneumoia & HS related condition. It is helpful in treating symptoms of hoarseness, dyspepsia, hyperpnea, difficulty in breathing, edema of the larynx, suffocation, dry cough, suprasternal pain, hydrothorax, etc. can be improved with this medicine.


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