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PPR Problem in Sheep & Goat

PPR, a viral illness in sheep and goats, causes fever, nasal discharge, mouth lesions, and respiratory problems, with severe cases leading to dehydration and fatalities. Preventative measures involve vaccination, strict bio-security, swift veterinary care, and early detection to curb the spread and mitigate the impact of PPR outbreaks.
Common causes ofPPR in sheep & Goat include :

Viral Transmission

Direct contact between infected and healthy animals facilitates the spread of the PPR virus.

Contaminated Environment

Viral particles can persist in the environment, allowing for indirect transmission through shared feeding and watering areas.

Lack of Vaccination

Failure to vaccinate susceptible animals leaves them vulnerable to contracting and spreading the PPR virus.

International Trade

Movement of infected animals across borders contributes significantly to the dissemination of PPR, especially in regions with inadequate quarantine measures.

Save your Sheep & Goat fromPPR issue

Tips for Prevention of PPR problem in sheep & goat

Preventing PPR in sheep and goats requires timely and regular vaccination, strict bio-security measures, including quarantine for new animals, and maintaining proper hygiene. Vigilant monitoring for disease signs and prompt reporting to veterinary authorities are crucial for swift outbreak control.

Symptoms of PPR problem in sheep & Goat


Sudden onset of high fever.

Nasal and Ocular Discharge

Runny nose and eyes, sometimes with pus.

Respiratory Distress

Difficulty breathing, coughing, or labored breathing.

Oral Lesions

Sores or lesions in the mouth, leading to drooling or difficulty eating.

Digestive Issues

Diarrhea, often severe, leading to dehydration.

General Weakness

Lethargy, lack of appetite, and reduced activity levels.


Pregnant animals might experience miscarriages.

High Mortality

In severe cases, the disease can lead to high mortality rates within affected herds.

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