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FERTIGO for PETS is the best Homeopathic Veterinary Medicine of Female Pets in the case of  Pseudo-Pregnancy or pseudo-Pregnancy-related complaints. It is a Hormone regulator as well as develops tonicity of Uterus.

Homeopathic Veterinary Medicines of Goel Vet Pharma Pvt Ltd are Manufactured in WHO GMP certified manufacturing facilities with utmost care and hygiene, hence these medicines are very effective and useful in field conditions. A lot of Veterinarians are prescribing and Pet Parents is using these medicines with confidence and getting excellent results.



A unique formulation for Pseudo-Pregnancy in female dogs. It is based on homeopathic principle ie. “similia simillibus curanter” Likes to be treated by likes hence one could easily understand those following symptoms of different medicine when available in a case can be cured by these medicines.


This Homeopathic Veterinary Medicine specially formulated for Pets to give safest and side-effect-free medication with keeping in mind that Efficacy and Quality of product must be maintained. Here is some factual representation of homeopathic drug pictures for a common reference.


Menses are suppressed with abdominal pains. Bearing down pains. Suppressed menses. Scanty menses. Infertility with suppressions of menses and no sexual desire. Swelling of the uterus. Leucorrhea staining yellow, transparent. Relaxation of genitals with leucorrhea. Transparent vaginal discharge passes imperceptibly from the very relaxed genital. Retained placenta. Sexual thrill absent from excessive masturbation. Aversion to sex.


Prolapsed of uterus and vagina. Morning sickness.Vagina painful, especially on coition. severe itching in vulva causing abortion. The tendency to miscarriage. Retained placenta after abortion.

Infertility. Sterility. Aversion to sex, worse since childbirth. Low sex drive. Pelvic organ relaxed. Bearing down sensation as if everything would escape through vulva; must cross limbs to prevent protrusion, or press against vulva. Leucorrhoea yellow, greenish; with much itching. Menses too late and scanty, irregular; early and profuse; sharp clutching pains. Violent stitches upward in the vagina, from the uterus to umbilicus.


It is indicated in that gynecological condition where the disease had its inception in the right ovary, the uterine prolapsed and retroversion, the subacute pelvic peritonitis, and concomitant symptoms being secondary. Subacute pelvic peritonitis with right-sided pain and backache; menorrhagia. Cutting pain in the uterus; relieved after stool. Pain and swelling in the region of the right ovary. Shooting or burning pain in pelvis and bearing-down; relieved by rubbing. Soreness and shooting pain from navel to the breast. Glairy leucorrhoea. Menstrual discharge while nursing. Stitches in the right breast near the nipple.


Infertility. Sterility. Favors easy conception. The sensation of distention in the clitoris with sticking. Pruritus of vulva and eczema Labor pains with frequent eructations. Galactorrhoea. In nursing, pain in the opposite breast. Leucorrhoea like white of eggs, with sensation as if warm water was flowing. Menses too soon, profuse, with griping, nausea, and pain in stomach extending into small of the back. Membranous dysmenorrhoea.


Ovarian tumors, metritis with stinging pains. Great tenderness over the abdomen, uterine region. Menorrhagia with miscarriage. Miscarriage during the early months. Uterine hemorrhage during pregnancy. Edema of labia; relieved by cold water. Soreness and stinging pains; ovaritis; worse in right ovary. Menses suppressed with cerebral and head symptoms, especially in young ones. Dysmenorrhoea, with severe ovarian pains. Metrorrhagia profuse, with heavy abdomen, faintness, stinging pain. Sense of tightness. Bearing-down, as if menses appear.


Conscious of a womb. Pulsation in the neck of the womb. Desire easily excited. Feeling as if something was pressing on a sore spot in the pelvis; worse sitting. Pain from the right side of the womb to the right or left breast. Sore pain in the uterus. Menses irregular, profuse, frequent, large clots.

Feeling of prostration. Prolapsed; enlargement of the uterus with pelvic tenesmus and sharp pains, extending toward breast; aggravated lying down. Dysmenorrhoea and chronic endometritis, with displacement. Must keep legs tightly crossed. Leucorrhoea green or bloody, alternate with mental symptoms and aching in the sacrum. Benign tumors in breasts. Pain in them during the menstrual period.


Infertility, also of those who are mentally depressed on account of their barrenness. Despair from labor pains. Burning-smarting of the vulva. Labia majora red, swollen. Leucorrhea profuse and corroding.Uterine disorders with depression. Uterus enlarged and prolapsed. Induration and ulceration of the womb from repeated miscarriages. Great sensitiveness of the vagina. Uterus enlarged and prolapsed.

Symptomatical description of Homeopathic drugs is taken from authoritative literature with Homeopathic provings based on Homeopathic Pharmacopeia of India. 

Packing: 30ml.

Dosage: 20 drops three times a day or as directed by the doctor.

Contraindication: No known contraindication.

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For Faster Relief & Quick Action of Medicine Please make sure that medicine must be touched through the tongue. Please do not increase the dose let decrease the time interval of medicine. you may give medicine to the animal within the interval of half an hour to one hour or as suggested by the doctor.  Try the following methods for the administration of medicine to pet as medicine is in drops form.

Method 1: Please open the mouth of the pet and drop the medicine directly on the tongue or on nostrils so that pet may lick it accordingly.

Method 2: Please take bread or plain rice, drop medicine on it, and give it to the Pet. Let the pet eat food with medicine.

Method 3: Please take Syringe without a needle of 5 ml, fill it with a solution of Medicine and distilled water spray it on the tongue or Nostrils of the pet let pet lick the medicine.

Please Note that do not Drench the Medicine, Let your pet Lick the Medicine.

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