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FERTIGO for pets is the best Homeopathic Veterinary Medicine of female pets in of Pseudo-Pregnancy or pseudo-Pregnancy-related complaints. It is a Hormone regulator as well as improves tonicity of the uterus.

This unique formulation was brought up by the leading Homeopathic Veterinary Medicine producing company Goel Vet PharmaPvt Ltd. The company is certified under WHO GMP practices which highlight its hygienic manufacturing facilities. All the available formulations had undergone many clinical and field trials thus gaining trust among many veterinarians and pet parents.



Homeopathic Veterinary Medicine

Homeopathic remedies work on the principle of “similia similibus curanter” which means “like cures like”, so is FERTIGO. Hence, such formulations that cause symptoms like a diseased animal in a healthy one are used to prepare this wonder drug formula to be able to treat pseudo-pregnancy or related complaints of varied reasons.


Quality, efficacy, and safety are the utmost priorities of FERTIGO formulation. Cost-effective health care with no contraindications or side effects are the added benefits of using a homeopathic remedy. Facts about the homeopathic medicines used in this formulation:


Irregular estrous cycles with painful abdominal cramps, infertility, poor sexual desire, swelling of the uterus, bearing down sensation, leucorrhea which stains yellow and is transparent, relaxation of genitals following leucorrhea, transparent vaginal discharge, retained placenta, aversion to sex are some of the symptoms related to reproduction in females that can be treated with this drug.


Prolapse of the uterus and vagina, morning sickness, painful vagina particularly after coitus, severe itching in the vulva followed by abortion, miscarriages, retained placenta after abortion are the signs that can be improved with this drug.

Symptoms like infertility, sterility, aversion to sex which worsen since childbirth, poor sex drive, relaxed pelvis, bearing down sensation, crossed limbs to prevent protrusion or pressing against the vulva,  leucorrhoea which is yellow or green, itching of genitals, irregular estrus cycles with little or no discharge at all, painful vagina and the pain radiates from uterus to umbilicus.


This medicine is indicated in the gynecological conditions where the right ovary is in pain or shows swelling, uterine prolapse or retroversion, subacute pelvic peritonitis resulting in backache, and other secondary concomitant symptoms, menorrhagia, pain in the uterus that is relieved after defecation, wavy or burning pain in the pelvis and bearing-down sensation which is relieved by rubbing, shooting pain from navel to the breast, glairy leucorrhoea, estrus discharge while nursing, pain in the right breast near the nipple.


Signs of infertility, sterility, difficulty in conception, the sensation of distended clitoris which is sticky, pruritus of vulva and eczema, labor pains with frequent eructations, galactorrhoea, pain in the opposite breast while nursing, leucorrhoea which seems like egg white, irregular estrous cycles, nausea, and pain in the stomach radiating to the back, membranous dysmenorrhea and other similar symptoms can be treated with this homeopathic medicine.


Conditions like ovarian tumors, metritis with severe pain, increased tenderness over the abdomen and the uterine region, menorrhagia with miscarriages, early pregnancy abortions, uterine hemorrhage during pregnancy, edema of labia which can be relieved by cold water, sore and stinging pain of ovaries, oophoritis which worsens in the right ovary, irregular cycles of estrus with cerebral or head discomfort, dysmenorrhea with painful ovarian inflammation, profuse metrorrhagia with heavy abdominal pain, fainting, sense of tightness or bearing-down as in estrus can be improved with this homeopathic medicine.


Increased pulsation in the neck of the womb, high libido, feeling of pressure on the pelvis, pain in the right side of the womb which elicits in the right or left breast, pain in the uterus, irregular estrus, feeling of prostration, prolapse, or enlargement of the uterus with pelvic tenesmus and sharp pains extending towards the breast, dysmenorrhoea and chronic endometritis, etc., symptoms can be recovered with this medicine. Tightly crossed legs, leucorrhoea which is green or bloody, alternating with mental symptoms and sacral pain, benign tumors in breasts, pain in the breasts during the estrus period are better recovered with this drug.


Conditions of infertility, mental depression due to inability to conceive, despair from labor pains, burning sensation of the vulva, labia majora becomes red and swollen, profuse leucorrhea and eroded uterus followed by depression, induration, and ulceration of the womb from repeated abortions, increased sensitivity to the vagina, enlarged or prolapsed uterus can be improved with this homeopathic medicine.

Note: All the above mentioned symptomatic description of the homeopathic drugs is taken from approved literature of homeopathy with an underlying base from Homeopathic Pharmacopeia of India.

Packing: 30ml.

Dosage: 20 drops three times a day or as directed by the doctor.

Contraindication: No known contraindications.

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Make sure that medicine touches the tongue of the pet for faster relief and quick action. Increasing the dose should be avoided; rather decreasing the time intervals between successive drug administrations is advisable. Different methods of administration :

Method 1

Drop the medicine directly on the tongue by opening the pet’s mouth or into the nostrils, to make sure the animal licks it.

Method 2

Introduce the drug along with the food like plain rice or bread, which is offered to the pet. Make sure the animal eat the medicine along with the food.

Method 3

Fill an empty 5 mL syringe (needless) with the medicine and distilled water and directly spray on the tongue of the pet or into the nostrils gently. Confirm that the medicine is licked by the pet.

Note: Do not drench the medicine, let your pet lick it with the tongue.

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