Me & My IRON 100 GM For Anaemia in pets

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Me & My IRON

GRANULES FOR PETS (For Anaemia in pets)

Me & My IRON Pet Supplement is Ideal for pets showing symptoms of anemia, peevishness, poor digestion, wasting of tissue, waxy appearance of skin and coat, neurasthenia, mental and physical exertion, loss of excess blood from small injuries, difficulty in breathing, etc.

Goel Vet Pharma Private Limited has introduced many pet supplements into the market. Their products are manufactured in  FSSAI certified manufacturing facilities with utmost care and hygiene, hence are very effective and flexible for use in field conditions too. With the excellent results in the way these pet supplements work, these are being prescribed by many veterinarians all over India and have succeeded in confident use by pet parents too.

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Me & My IRON

GRANULES FOR PETS (For Anaemia in pets)

What is Me & My Iron Pet Supplement?

Iron (Chemical Name):  Ferrous, brand name: Me & My Iron) is a nutritional supplement used in cats and dogs to treat iron deficiency or anemia or as an iron supplement, usually in cases of blood loss after a severe injury or any chronic disease.

Me & My supplements are granules for pets that can be used to supplement the diet, such as vitamins and minerals. While many supplements are available in the market over the counter, they still contain ingredients that have side effects that should be managed by your Vet Doctor. Me & My Pet Supplements are free from side effects and gives the best results.

How is Me & My Iron Pet Supplement to be given?

Can be given along with food but preferably on an empty stomach. Administered orally in the form of granules dissolved in lukewarm water to prevent dietary disturbances. These are safe to be given on an empty stomach as they have no effect on the stomach lining. They are effective within 5 to 7 days and improvement can be visually appreciated in due course of time.

What if I miss giving a course of Me & My Pet Supplement to my pet?

 It is not advisable to give two doses at a single time. So, if you remember earlier you can give the dose but if it’s nearer to the next dose, leave the prior one and follow the next dosage schedule.

Are there any side effects?

 Me and my pet supplements are prepared from 100 % natural ingredients. They are safe and effective with no known side effects.

Are there any risk factors for this product?

 Do not continue using Me & My Vitality pet supplement if your pets are allergic to it. They are safe to be used with mild caution in pregnant and lactating animals. Not suitable for lactose intolrence paitient.


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Granules Contains :

Each 10 gm contains :

Phosphate of Lime 1000mcg

Phosphate of Iron 1000mcg

Chloride of Sodium 1mcg

Phosphate of Potassium 1000mcg

Recommended in :

Ideal for pets suffering from anemia, peevishness, poor digestion, general wasting of tissue, waxy appearance of skin, neurasthenia, mental and physical depression due to exertion, loss of blood from severe injuries or chronic underlying diseases.

Recommended Quantity :

Pups: up to 10kg: 1 teaspoonful

Adult : above 10kg : 2 teaspoonful

or as per the advice of a Veterinarian.

Directions for use :

For fast relief & quick absorption of Me & My Pet Supplements make sure that the dose must be given regularly and properly as per schedule or as suggested by the Veterinary Professional.  Try the following methods for the administration of granules to your pet.


Dissolve the granules in lukewarm water or curd and wait for two to three minutes. The solution is colorless and odorless.

 Method 1

Let your pet drink the water or curd and make sure your pet drinks it.

Method 2

Introduce the drug along with food like plain rice or bread, which is offered to the pet. Make sure your pet eat the medicine along with the food.

Method 3

Fill an empty 5 mL syringe (without needle) with the supplement and distilled water and directly spray on the tongue of the pet.

Contraindication: not suitable for lactose intolrence paitient.