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SEPTIGO for PETS is the best remedy for the treatment of septic anywhere in the body especially for metritis and pyometra and symptoms of septic like conditions. SEPTIGO is the best Homeopathic Veterinary Medicine to treat conditions like septic anywhere in the body.

Homeopathic Veterinary Medicines of Goel Vet Pharma Pvt Ltd are Manufactured in WHO GMP certified manufacturing facilities with utmost care and hygiene, hence these medicines are very effective and useful in field conditions. A lot of Veterinarians are prescribing and Pet Parents is using these medicines with confidence and getting excellent results.



Homeopathic Veterinary Medicine

A Unique formulation for SEPTIC CONDITIONS in dogs. It is based on homeopathic principle, ie “Similia Simillibus Curanter” Likes to be treated by likes hence one could easily understand that following symptom of different medicine when available in a case can be cured by these medicines. This SEPTIGO for PET formulations development by a renowned veterinarian of India after long consultation with homeopaths and trials of different medicine in field conditions for years.


This Homeopathic Veterinary Medicine specially formulated for Pets to give safest and side-effect-free medication with keeping in mind that Efficacy and Quality of product must be maintained. Here is some factual representation of homeopathic drug pictures for a common reference.

PYROGENIUM 200 (Homeopathic Medicine)

Pyrogenium is a great remedy for septic states with intense restlessness. H.C. Allen indicated that it is an anti-septic, useful in septic fevers, especially puerperal Chronic complaints that date back to septic conditions. For all types of septic states when blood is disorganized. The heart becomes weak and muscles prostrated. Hectic typhoid, typhus, ptomaine poisoning, and diphtheria states. Dissecting wounds. Sewer-gas poisoning. Puerperal peritonitis, with extreme factor, Septicemia following an abortion. Menses offensive. Uterine hemorrhages. Fever at each menstrual period, consequent upon latent pelvic cellulitis. Inflammatory exudates. Postoperative cases, with overwhelming sepsis Septic fever- Temperature rises rapidly. Quickly oscillating temperature. Fever commencing with pains in the limbs. High fevers with sore limbs and delirium. Threatening heart failure in zymotic and septic fevers. Influenza, typhoid symptoms.Cerebrospinal meningitis, Chronic malaria. Rosy red streaks, Lymphangitis. After-effects of miscarriage. Food poisoning. Offensive discharges, foul, menstrual, lochia, diarrhea, vomit sweat, breath, taste, body odor.

  • Ears: burning pains. Discharges, offensive. Ears red, as if blood would burst out them. Ears feel cold. Pulsation, synchronous with pulse. Noises like steam escaping. Loud ringing like a bell.
  • Fever: coldness and chilliness. Septic fevers. Latent pyogenic conditions. Chill begins in back. The temperature rises rapidly. Great heat with profuse hot sweat, but sweating does not cause a fall in temperature. Aching, bruised, sore pains and prostration, yet restless. Bones pain. Restless must move to ameliorate the soreness of parts.

PULSATILLA 30 (Homeopathic Medicine)

Erratic temperatures in fevers. Alternate pallor and redness of the face. Wandering pains shift rapidly from one part of another, also with swelling and redness of the joints. Hemorrhages stop and in a few hours return. Anxiety better open air, better motion. Anxiety and uneasiness in bed must uncover. Fear wants to hide or run. Mucous membranes are all affected. Mucous discharges are profuse, bland thick, yellowish-green. Metastasis. Hemorrhages, passive, vicarious, blood dark, easily coagulating. Varicose veins. Anemia. Emaciation of suffering parts. Symptoms in distant parts of the body cause dyspnea. These symptoms are common in PRE PARTUM AND POSTPARTUM and cystitis.

  • Ears: sensation as if something were being forced outward. Hearing difficult, as if the ear were stuffed. Otorrhoea. Thick, bland discharge; offensive odor. External ear swollen and red. Catarrhal otitis. Otalgia, worse at night. Diminishes acuteness
  • Fever: chilliness, even in a warm room, without thirst. Chilly with pains, in spots, worse evening. Chill about 4 p.m. Intolerable burning heat at night, with distended veins; heat in parts of the body, coldness in other. One-sided sweat; pains during sweat.

External heat is intolerable, veins are distended. During apyrexia, headache, diarrhea, loss of appetite, nausea. The patient seeks open air, always feels better there. Even though he is chilly. Thirstless, chilliness, and shortness of breath with digestive or menstrual disorders.

SECALE CORNUTUM 30 (Homeopathic Medicine)

Secale Contracts the muscles of blood vessels and the uterus. It also decomposes the blood, producing hemorrhage which is thin, fetid, watery, black, oozing continuously. The small wound bleeds much. Mortification, gangrene. Traumatic gangrene, from the application of leeches or mustard better from cold. Lymphoid tumors. Produces an anemic condition, with coldness, numbness, petechiae. Dark, offensive lochia. Puerperal fever, putrid discharges, tympanitis coldness, suppressed urine tears at the genitals. Coldness but does not want to be covered up. Symptoms are better from cold, the whole body is pervaded by a sense of great heat The right side is predominantly affected.

  • Ears: great difficulty in hearing, with roaring, humming in ears. Confused hearing or lost, after chorea. Sensitiveness of hearing, so that even the slightest sound re-echoed in her head.
  • Fever: coldness; cold dry skin; cold, clammy sweat; excessive thirst. Sense of internal heat.

HELONIAS 30 (Homeopathic Medicine)

Toxemia of with great fatigue. Premenstrual syndrome with fatigue, swollen breasts, and metrorrhagia. Suppressed menses. Congested kidneys, as if the monthly congestion, instead of venting itself through the uterine vessels, had extended to the kidneys. Helonias has an extensive range of action, as its proving show, but it predominantly affects the uterus. Relaxation of the uterine ligaments, misplacements, and prolapsed (Sep.). Exhaustion from the least mental or physical exertion. Emaciation or chronic fatigue since childbirth or multiple abortions or miscarriages. The tendency to prolapse and other malposition of the womb, from uterine atony. Uterine reflexes. Dropsy after uterine hemorrhage. Bearing down pain and chronic vaginal infections since childbirth. Muscles, heavy, sore, aching, burning Sleepless, with a worn-out feeling. Diabetes mellitus and insipidus. Anemia. Albumin urea during pregnancy.

SEPIA 30 (Homeopathic Medicine)

HOMOEOPATHIC- The inky juice of cuttlefish, known as Indian ink, is one of the remedies of the chronic. It affects the generative organs of both sexes and a large number of the symptoms occurring in other organs have some relation thereto. Sepia affects the venous circulation, especially of the female pelvic organs and of the digestive tract. It acts especially on the portal system with venous congestion. Venous stasis ptosis of viscera. Violent ebullitions of blood with pulsation throughout the body. Pulsating headache in cerebellum Bleedings. The upward tendency of its symptoms. Symptoms settle in back, in the ileocecal region, ovaries. Pains extend down to the back, chills easily. Shuddering form pain. Fits of uneasiness and hysterical. Spasms, colic, tonic, cataleptic. Jerking in muscles. Fidgety.Sudden prostration. Easy fainting. Feels cold, even in a warm room. parts. Leucorrhoea yellow-greenish with much itching. Prolapse of uterus and vagina.

  • Ears: herpes behind ears on the nape of the neck. Pain as if from sub-cutaneous ulceration. Swelling and eruption of the external ear.
  • Fever: frequent flushes of heat; sweat from least motion. General lack of warmth of the body. Feet cold and wet. Shivering, with thirst; worse, towards evening.

SILICEA 30 (Homeopathic Medicine)

The tendency to easy exhaustion and abnormal sweats. Enlarged glands. Show, incomplete inflammation of glands. Cellular tissue and skin, then induration. Edema in the morning. Diseases of bones and cartilages, decay, and necrosis of bones. The skin is unhealthy. Every injury festers. Suppurative processes. Stubborn, fistulous opening, abscesses. Pustulous burrowings. Ripens’ abscesses promote suppuration. Ailments attended with pus formation. Discharges offensive, pus, sweat, stools, etc. Removes foreign bodies. Organic changes. It is deep and slow in action. Periodical states. Ascending effects. Pains are violent and sticking. Localized in ears, throat, ulcers, etc. Parts lay on to go to sleep. A milky acrid leucorrhoea during urination, Itching of vulva and vagina, very sensitive. Discharge of blood between menstrual periods. Increased menses, with paroxysms of icy coldness over the whole body. Nipples very sore, ulcerated is easily drawn in. Fistulous ulcers of the breast. Abscess of labia, Discharge of blood from vagina every time the child is nursed. Vaginal cysts. Hard lumps in the breast.

  • Ears: fetid discharge. Caries of the mastoid. Loud pistol-like report. Sensitive to noise. Roaring in ears.
  • Fever: chilliness; very sensitive to cold air. Creeping, shivering over the whole body. Cold extremities, even in a warm room. Sweat at night; worse towards morning. Suffering parts feel cold. III effect of vaccination.

Symptomatical description of Homeopathic drugs is taken from authoritative literature with Homeopathic provings based on Homeopathic Pharmacopeia of India. 

Packing: 30ml

Dosage: 20-25 Drops Three times in a day or as directed by Veterinarian

Dr Goel's Homeopathy
Homeopathic Medicine for Dog & Cat


For Faster Relief & Quick Action of Medicine Please make sure that medicine must be touched through the tongue. Please do not increase the dose let decrease the time interval of medicine. you may give medicine to the animal within the interval of half an hour to one hour or as suggested by the doctor.  Try the following methods for the administration of medicine to pet as medicine is in drops form.

Method 1: Please open the mouth of the pet and drop the medicine directly on the tongue or on nostrils so that pet may lick it accordingly.

Method 2: Please take bread or plain rice, drop medicine on it, and give it to the Pet. Let the pet eat food with medicine.

Method 3: Please take Syringe without a needle of 5 ml, fill it with a solution of Medicine and distilled water spray it on the tongue or Nostrils of the pet let pet lick the medicine.

Please Note that do not Drench the Medicine, Let your pet Lick the Medicine.

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