UTEROGEN for Cattle 105ml


UTEROGEN – 105ml

A Multipurpose Uterine Remedy for Cow & Buffalo

UTEROGEN is a Homeopathic Veterinary Medicine that regulates the Hormones of the female body by stimulating the pituitary gland. UTEROGEN is the best Homeopathic Veterinary Medicine for female animals in the case of Uterine troubles like hormone disturbance, habitual abortion, delivery complications, retention of placenta, metritis, pyometra, etc.

Homeopathic Veterinary Medicines of Goel Vet Pharma Pvt Ltd are Manufactured in WHO GMP certified manufacturing facilities with utmost care and hygiene, hence these medicines are very effective and useful in field conditions. Thousands of doctors are prescribing and farmers are using these medicines with confidence and getting excellent results.




A Multi-purpose Uterine remedy for Cow & Buffalo


For convenient delivery
Hormone regulator
As anti-abortive
To facilitate after birth discharge i.e. Placenta
In metritis and pyometra


5 ML. three times a day Or as per the severity of the disease or as
directed by the doctor.


105 ML. Bottle.

Uterogen is available 105 ml in bottle pack uses a 5 ml measuring cap for dosage. This way it contains 21 doses. It is almost a complete course but because of some reason if there is incomplete recovery a second or third course may be given very safely.


If there is any threat of abortion to the pregnant animal 4-5 dose may be given in a day till recovery this way the risk of abortion will be reduced to nil. In a very
advanced or acute case dose may be given at 1/2 hourly interval if there is a
past history of abortion, in that case, Uterogen is to be given a month before the days of last abortion in the morning and evening for 10 days the risk will be


After parturition Uterogen is to be given at one hourly interval for 4-5 hours, the Placenta will come out by detaching itself from cotyledons. To remove
after birth discharges from the uterus, Uterogen is suggested three times a
day. The flow of discharges will come out with another physiological condition of the uterus to keep the animal healthy with a good milk flow capacity.


In such conditions for the first two days, the doses are to be given 4 times in a day than 3 times in a day till the conditions is normal.


10-15 days before the expected date of delivery Uterogen has to be given in the morning and evening for 10 to 15 days. By doing so the delivery will be less painful and safe. Its biggest advantage is that even at the high times of  Delivery when no one is around the animal to attend delivery the possibility of the death of a mother or child will be minimized. If the animal has a history of past dystocia Uterogen may be helpful in reducing the chance of dystocia.


Uterogen is a non-hormonal formulation which regulates the pregnancy. Uterogen regulates & balances the Hormone level to make the pregnancy safe. Near delivery, it excites the complete process of delivery and completes the process of parturition and later produces Milking Hormone so that there is regular milk yield. Uterogen organizes the complicated process as a non Hormonal motivator & catalyst. In a way that automatically Hormones are released one after another.


It is known to all of us that the pre & post parturition period is the most crucial period both for the animal as well as for its breeders, this time is to decide the life of the animal and the income of the owner. In this delicate period from the first stage until the delivery, complete safety is needed in every way. During this period the problem occurs in so many ways, In some animal, there is the situation of threatened Abortion, In some animal problem of Dystocia and after delivery the problem of the Retained placenta occurs Animal may suffer from Metritis or Pyomatra  It is a necessity of every breeder and Veterinary doctor to minimize these condition and if these occur it needs to be cured fast. The only UTEROGEN – A HOMEOPATHIC VETERINARY MEDICINE can full fill all those requirements

Why UTEROGEN only?

Because it is multipurpose- “UTERINE REMEDY” UTEROGEN regulates the process of pregnancy till delivery, therefore the risk of abortion is minimized.

  • Uterogen is also helpful in safe delivery.
  • Uterogen maintains the hormonal tonicity resulting in the release of hormones one after another automatically.
  • Uterogen is helpful in expelling the placenta, decreasing the possibility of Metritis and pyometra, and cure the complications of delivery and infections.

Extra Benefits

  1. The dose of medicine is minimum but the effect is maximum.
  2. It is easy for an animal to take & Owner to give the medicine.
  3. There will be no chance of wrongful drenching, hence no possibility of Drenching Problem.
  4. The fast and effective work mechanism of UTEROGEN gives the optimum results.
  5. Side-effect-free medication is the best part of Homeopathic Veterinary Medicines.
  6. There are less expenditure and more gain for owners and animals both for healthy mother, child, and milk economics.
Dr Goel's Homeopathy
Uterogen a multipurpose uterine remedy


For Faster Relief & Quick Action of Medicine Please make sure that medicine must be touched through the tongue. Please do not increase the dose let decrease the time interval of medicine. you may give medicine to the animal within the interval of half an hour to one hour or as suggested by the doctor. Please dissolve the tablets in drinking water or rub the crushed tablets directly on the tongue of the animal. Try the following methods for liquid or tablets dissolved in water.

Method 1: Please take some Juggary, water & 5 ml of medicine mix all and let animals drink the mixture.

Method 2: Please take Roti, drop 5 ml medicine on it as if ghee and give to the animal. Let animals eat Bread with medicine.

Method 3: Please take Syringe of 5 ml, fill it with Medicine spray it on the tongue or Nostrils of animal let animal taste the medicine

Please Note that do not Drench the Medicine to the Animal, Let Animal Eat or Drink the Medicine.

How to give Homeopathic medicine to animals

The phenomenon of Uterogen Working :

Protection of pregnancy period till delivery depends on the control of hormones and its regular release. During pregnancy, hormone works on the principle of check and release phenomenon. It is important that this phenomenon or process is maintained so that all the necessary hormones may be activated at the right time So that the procedure from pregnancy to delivery may be physiologically balanced and the possibilities of any type of complication or inconvenience during parturition (delivery) may become minimum and tonicity of the uterus can be maintained. Uterogen is a non-hormonal formulation which regulates the pregnancy. Uterogen regulates & balances the Progesterone level to make the pregnancy safe. Near delivery, it excites the complete process of delivery by reducing Progesterone and increasing Oxitocine level with help of Pituitary which stimulates and produces Oxitocine Hormone. Oxytocin with the help of Gonadotropic Hormone completes the process of parturition and later produces prolactin hormone so that there is regular milk yield. Uterogen organizes the complicated process as a non-hormonal motivator & catalyst. In a way that automatically all hormones are released one after another as per cycle.

Homeopathy in Veterinary

UTEROGEN – 105 ml



This Homeopathic Veterinary Medicine specially formulated for Pets to give safest and side-effect-free medication with keeping in mind that Efficacy and Quality of product must be maintained. Here is some factual representation of homeopathic drug pictures for a common reference.

Caulophyllum: (Homeopathic Medicine)
It is used primarily for problems of the uterus, such as excessive bleeding and lack of tone in the uterine muscles. The remedy is also used for rheumatic joint pains affecting the small joints, particularly if they occur in conjunction with menstruation or uterine problems.

Cimicifuga: (Homeopathic Medicine)
Acts upon the nerves and uterine muscles. Cimicifuga is prescribed mostly for gynecological problems.

Cantharis: (Homeopathic Medicine)
Has had a long career in medicine and has been used for all manner of disorders. In high concentrations the irritant can be toxic, prompting abdominal cramps and burning pains in the throat and stomach, vomiting of blood, diarrhea, kidney damage, convulsions, coma, and death. Swelling of the neck of the uterus. Miscarriage after symptoms of irritation in bowels and urinary organs. Abortion or Retained placenta with painful urination.

China: (Homeopathic Medicine)
The remedy is used for exhaustion following illness or extreme fluid loss. China is also given for fever, insomnia, gastric upsets, and headaches. Painless diarrhea (yellow, watery, brownish, undigested). Metritis after great loss of blood, or excessive coitus. Threatening miscarriage. Abortion.

Pulsatilla: (Homeopathic Medicine)
It is pre-eminently a female remedy. These include premenstrual tension, menstrual problems, menopausal symptoms, and cystitis, with accompanying symptoms of mood swings, depression, and tearfulness. It is a remedy for
headaches and migraine, swollen glands, inflammation, and pain in the bones and joints as in rheumatic and arthritic disorders, nosebleeds, varicose veins, mumps, measles, toothache, acne, frequent urination, and incontinence.

Rush Tox: (Homeopathic Medicine)
It is used to treat eczema, chilblains, cold sores, shingles, nappy rash, and other conditions in which there is a dry, scaling, or blistered skin. Some menstrual problems, including heavy bleeding and abdominal pains that are relieved by lying down, benefit from this remedy.

Sepia: (Homeopathic Medicine)
It is used to treat Premenstrual tension, menstrual pain, and heavy bleeding, infrequent or suppressed periods, menopausal symptoms such as hot flushes, and postnatal depression.

Sabina: (Homeopathic Medicine)
Chronic ailments of women; arthritic pains; tendency to miscarriages, especially in the third month. following abortion or premature labor; hemorrhage from the uterus, Retained placenta from atony of uterus.

Secale Cor: (Homeopathic Medicine)
Women of very lax muscular fiber; labor: pains irregular; too weak; feeble or ceasing; everything seems loose and open but no expulsive action; fainting. Threatened abortion especially in the third month.

Ustilago Maydis: (Homeopathic Medicine)

is used often for its homeopathic remedies for female genitalia. Common uses are for irritation of the ovaries, dark periods, nonmenstrual bleeding (passive, non-passive, string bleeding), and pain in the ovaries or the womb, which includes cramping.

Symptomatical description of Homeopathic drugs is taken from authoritative literature with Homeopathic provings based on Homeopathic Pharmacopeia of India. 

Homeopathy in Veterinary


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