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Epilepsy & Seizure Disorder in Pets

Seizure & Epilepsy Disorder –
A seizure is a sudden and uncontrolled burst of electrical activity in the brain. It can manifest in various ways, such as convulsions, twitching, jerking, loss of consciousness, or abnormal behaviour.

Seizures in pets can be caused by a wide range of factors, including:


This is a common cause of recurring seizures in pets and is thought to have a genetic basis. It often appears in young animals and may be managed with medication.


Trauma to the head or brain can lead to seizures in pets.


Certain infections affecting the central nervous system can trigger seizures.


Imbalances in electrolytes, blood sugar levels, or other metabolic factors can lead to seizures.

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Tips for preventing Epilepsy in pets

Preventing epilepsy in pets, often with a genetic predisposition, involves responsible breeding or adopting from shelters to mitigate hereditary risks. Regular veterinary check-ups aid in early detection and effective management of health issues. Supporting overall well-being through a balanced diet, regular exercise, and mental stimulation can reduce stress and promote good health, contributing to the overall happiness of our pets.

Symptoms of Seizure Disorder in pets

Seizure disorders in pets can manifest in various ways, and the specific symptoms may vary depending on the individual and the type of seizure. Some common symptoms of a seizure disorder in pets include:


The most noticeable sign is often the occurrence of convulsions, which can include involuntary muscle contractions, twitching, jerking, or paddling of the limbs. The pet may appear to be in an uncontrolled state during the seizure.


Pets may experience altered consciousness during a seizure. They may appear disoriented, unresponsive, or unaware of their surroundings.


Some pets may exhibit a vacant or dazed expression right before a seizure starts or after it ends.


During a seizure, pets might drool excessively due to increased salivation.


In some cases, pets may lose control of their bladder or bowels during a seizure.


Some pets may vocalize, yelp, howl, or bark unusually during a seizure.


In the pre-ictal phase (the period before a seizure), pets might exhibit restless behaviour, pacing, or seeking comfort.


After a seizure, pets may experience a period of disorientation and exhaustion, often called the postictal phase. During this time, they may seem confused, lethargic, or temporarily blind.


In some cases, pets may exhibit repetitive movements during a seizure. These movements could include head bobbing, circling, or chewing motions.


Cluster seizures are when a pet experiences multiple seizures within a short period, with little or no recovery time between episodes. Cluster seizures can be particularly concerning and may require immediate medical attention.

Homeopathy Can Helps Your Pet in Epilepsy and Seizures Issues

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Epilepsy is a growing concern with pets and is a very common problem in veterinary. Epilepsy, sometimes called a seizure disorder, is a sudden, involuntary change in behaviour, muscle control, consciousness, and/or sensation. A seizure is often accompanied by an abnormal electrical discharge in the brain. The discomfort of the dog and the helplessness of the pet owners can be addressed with NEUROMATE for PET, a Homeopathic Veterinary Medicine to treat Epilepsy symptoms for any reason.


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