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Septic Problem in Sheep & Goat

Septic problems in sheep and goats are systemic infections resulting from factors like infections, injuries, or birthing complications. Symptoms include fever, lethargy, and loss of appetite. Swift veterinary attention with antibiotics and supportive care is vital. Preventive measures include maintaining proper hygiene, routine vaccinations, and regular health checks to minimize the risk of septic issues.
Common causes of Septic in sheep & Goat include:

Bacterial Infections

Sheep and goats are prone to mastitis, metritis, and foot rot, which, if untreated, can lead to systemic sepsis.

Puerperal Infections

Ewes and does face increased septicemia risk post-birthing due to retained placenta, uterine infections, or vaginal tears.

External Injuries

Wounds from fights, predator attacks, or accidents can lead to systemic infection if not promptly treated.

Hygiene Issues

Poor hygiene, overcrowding, and unsanitary conditions heighten the risk of various infections in sheep and goats, increasing the likelihood of septic conditions.

Save your Sheep & Goat from Septic issue

Tips for Prevention of septic problem in Cattle

To Preventing septic problems in cattle involves maintaining excellent hygiene, especially in barns and handling facilities. Regular post-calving health checks, proper nutrition, and prompt treatment of injuries and infections are crucial. Implementing vaccination programs against prevalent diseases contributes to overall herd health, minimizing the risk of bacterial infections and septic issues.

Symptoms of septic in sheep & Goat


An elevated body temperature is often one of the first signs of systemic infection.

Loss of Appetite

A decrease or complete loss of interest in eating or drinking.


Increased tiredness, weakness, and reduced activity levels.

Rapid Breathing and Heart Rate

Breathing and heart rates may increase as the body attempts to fight off the infection.


Abnormal discharges from the eyes, nose, or genital tract can indicate an underlying infection.

Behavioral Changes

Changes in behavior, such as restlessness or isolation from the herd, might be observed.


Sunken eyes, dry mucous membranes, and decreased skin elasticity due to dehydration.

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