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an Excellent Milk Increaser In Natural Way

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? Increases milk in natural way by stimulating lactating tubules to their maximum.
? No Extra Calcium Supplementation is needed with Milkogen, because it causes more assimilation of calcium from the given food to the animal.
? Increased milk is maintained by Milkogen course even long after the completion of course.
? When decrease in milk is the after effect of some serious illness, Milkogen will remove weakness of animal and restore milk to normal.
? When the calf dies and cows and buffaloes refuse to give milk, milkogen will help in letting down of milk, provided Hormonal therapy is not given to animal.
? Milkogen is a most economical and easy way for improvement in quality & quantity of milk.
We are the one of the suppliers of Milkogen. We provide this product to our customers at genuine rates. We are indulged in formulating high-grade products for better treatment facility. We own to the highest provider of a range of products. Our team is dedicated to provide best products so as to attain utmost customer satisfaction

5 Tab. two times a day for ten days or as directed by veterinarian

100 TAB.

Alfalfa 30
Calc Carb 30
Phosphorus 30
Lecithin 30
Magnesium 30
Carbo Animalis 30
Ashoka 12x
Cariaca Pappaya 12x
Five Phos 12x
In Equal Proportion
Q.S. to Medicate Tablet

? Type Of Medicines Homeopathic
? Grade Standard Medicine Grade
? Brand goel vet pharma pvt. ltd.
? Form Of Medicines Tablets
? Dosage Form Oral
? Usage/Application Nutritional Medicine


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