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For treatment of pre partum & post partum prolaps

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for treatment of pre partum and post partum prolaps.
For External Use Only

Prolapsed uterus can occur in any species but is most common in cattle (dairy and beef) and ewes (sheep). It occurs after calving when the cervix is open and the uterus lacks tone. In cows, it is common for a complete uterine prolapsed where the horns also come out. Uterine prolapsed can occur during two separate occasions; directly after calving or up to a week post-calving (more commonly hours after). It is most common in dairy cattle although it usually goes with hypocalcaemia. When the prolapse of the uterus occurs not directly after calving, it can be more dangerous. It is most likely that during parturition, the uterus was slightly everted which created the possibility of the prolapsed but it did not take place until after the calf was born.
It is based on homoeopathic principle ie ?Similia Simillibus Curanter? Likes to be treated
by likes hence one can easily understand that following symptoms of different medicine
when available in a case can be cured by these medicines.

In these cases it is more likely for damage such as infection to occur to the uterus.

Lillium Tigrinum
Podophyllum Paltatum
Aloe Socotrina
Murex Purpurea
Alcohol Content
Vehicle : Aqua base.

20 Spray Twice a day or as directed by the physician.

100 ml


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