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Uterine disease in Cattle

Uterine diseases in cattle can significantly impact their reproductive health and overall productivity. Conditions such as metritis, endometritis, and pyometra are common and can arise due to various factors including bacterial infections post-calving, retained placenta, or hormonal imbalances. These diseases often lead to inflammation, discharge, and sometimes infertility if not promptly treated. Timely veterinary intervention, proper hygiene, and appropriate management practices are crucial in preventing and managing uterine diseases in cattle, ensuring their well-being and reproductive success.
Common causes of Uterine disease in Cattle include:

Post-calving infections

After giving birth, the uterus is susceptible to bacterial infections due to the passage of the calf and any retained placental tissues. This can lead to conditions like metritis and endometritis.

Retained placenta

When the placenta isn't expelled within a normal timeframe after calving, it can cause bacterial growth and subsequent uterine infections.

Poor hygiene

Inadequate sanitation practices in calving areas can introduce bacteria and increase the risk of uterine infections.

Hormonal imbalances

Fluctuations or imbalances in hormonal levels, particularly during the estrous cycle, can make the uterus more susceptible to infections and inflammation.

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Tips for Prevention Uterine disease in Cattle

Maintain clean calving environments, ensure timely veterinary care after calving, provide good nutrition, and implement regular monitoring. These steps help prevent uterine diseases in cattle.

Symptoms of Uterine disease problem in Cattle

Foul-smelling discharge

Presence of abnormal or foul-smelling discharge from the vulva.

Reduced fertility

Difficulty conceiving or higher rates of infertility.

Extended calving intervals

Longer than usual time between calvings.

Behavioral changes

Decreased appetite, lethargy, or signs of discomfort.

Visible inflammation

Swollen or tender areas around the udder or vulva.

Abnormal estrous cycles

Irregular or abnormal heat cycles.

Retained placenta

Failure to expel the placenta within a normal timeframe after calving.

General signs of illness

Fever, reduced milk production, or other indications of systemic illness.

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Benefits of Uterogen

  1. A Multi Purpose Uterine Remedy
  2. Regulates the Hormones in Cattle by stimulating the pituitary gland
  3. treats hormonal imbalance
  4. treat in habitual abortion
  5. helps in delivery complications
  6. helpful in retention of placenta
  7. cure metritis
  8. cure pyometra

Treat your Cattle from Uterine disease

UTEROGEN is a Homeopathic Veterinary Medicine that regulates the Hormones in Cattle by stimulating the pituitary gland. UTEROGEN is the best Homeopathic Veterinary Medicine for female animals in the case of Uterine troubles like hormonal imbalance, habitual abortion, delivery complications, retention of placenta, metritis, pyometra, etc.


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