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Warts Problem in Cow and Buffalo

Warts in cows and buffaloes, caused by a virus called papillomavirus, are tiny, rough growths on the skin, usually found around the head, neck, or udder. Though they’re generally not harmful, they can multiply and cause discomfort. Farmers use treatments like topical applications or removal to keep them in check and maintain the animals’ well-being.
Common causes of warts in Cattle include:

Papilloma-virus Infection

Various strains of papillomavirus are a primary cause, spreading through direct contact or contaminated surfaces.

Young Age and Stress

Younger cattle with developing immune systems or those under stress are more susceptible to contracting warts.

Skin Injuries or Abrasions

Warts often develop at sites of skin injuries or abrasions, providing an entry point for the virus.

Herd Transmission

Within a herd, infected cattle can transmit the virus to others through direct contact or shared facilities, contributing to the spread of warts.

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Tips for Prevention warts problem in Cattle

Preventing warts in cattle involves vaccination, maintaining cleanliness, and separating infected from healthy animals. Stress reduction, prompt injury treatment, and strict bio-security measures are key. Regular veterinary check-ups and proactive herd health management minimize the risk, ensuring a healthier and resilient herd.

Symptoms of warts in Cattle

Skin Growths

Warts appear as raised, often rough growths on the skin. These growths can range in size from small nodules to larger lumps and might appear individually or in clusters.


Warts are frequently found in areas prone to contact or minor injuries, such as the face, neck, limbs, or around the eyes and mouth. Their appearance can cause discomfort or irritation, especially if they grow in sensitive areas.

Variety of Sizes

They can vary in size and appearance, starting small and gradually enlarging. Sometimes they're small nodules, while in other cases, they can grow larger.

Benign Nature

Generally, warts in cattle are benign and don't cause significant health issues. However, they can be bothersome or uncomfortable for the animal, particularly if they grow extensively or in sensitive regions.

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