We have Homoeopathic Veterinary Medicines in Vast range to cover almost all ailments & Diseases of Domestic Animals like Cow, Buffalo, Sheep & Goat. Our Brand Products are Teatasule, Fertisule, Uterogen, Milkogen, Hit-O-Gen, Foomasule, etc.

These are highly recommended medicine and are appreciated for excellent results. We are backed by state-of-art infrastructure, which is managed by skilled professionals. Our large range of products is available in the market due to our huge cooling tower facility, which provides for zero medicine degradation and is always freshly made. With our timely delivery and customized packaging, we keep our patrons more satisfied for several years. In addition, we provide varied payment options like Cheque, DD, Online funds transfer, pay order and cash. All these factors have helped us to keep long term relationship with the customers across the domestic market.

The rank we have achieved in the market is due to the guidance of “Mr. Mradul Goel”. His skills and experience have enabled us to go ahead over our counterparts.


In the historical city of Chittorgarh a new approach towards Homoeopathy in Veterinary as India’s first & foremost concern.

Sales Network

Concern has it’s own sales network in ten state of India. More then 10,000 Veterinarians has used the products in more then 10 lack animals to treat

Humble Submission

Animal health is more commercial then sentimental, hence its approach differ from human health, Economics is the key play of animal treatment, that is the reason for lot of animals are always available for slaughter because they were deprived of treatment due to owner’s poor income



Since then the Effectiveness of Homoeopathy has been proved in a very very large number of Patients. The Same Principle has been extended to all kinds of life including Animal life


Homoeopathic Veterinary Medicines for Pets gives advantage o f Healthy Pet Naturally because it does never content chemicals of any kind.

Herbal and Mineral Balanced Animal Life

The concept of HAMBLE is the 21century e-age concept of Animal Feed Supplementation introduced in a multi-range product with the goodness of Herbs, Minerals, Trace Elements Micro-Nutrients and Homoeopathic Formulations. As all we know that animal health is nowadays is more important because of commercial purposes for owner. To maintain animal health it is a must for an owner to give an animal a proper diet and dietary supplements in a unique ratio of Herbs, Minerals, Trace Elements, Micro-Nutrients and Homoeopathic concept of making formulation better than ever