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Wound, FMD and Burns in Cow and Buffalo

Cattle face health challenges such as wounds, foot-and-mouth disease (FMD), and burns. Wounds, arising from various sources, demand careful management to prevent infections. FMD, a highly contagious viral infection, requires strict bio-security and vaccination. Burns, often accidental, need immediate first aid to alleviate pain.
Common causes of Wounds due to injury, FMD, Burns in Cattle include:

Trauma or Injury

Resulting from fights among cattle, accidents, or contact with sharp objects like fences and equipment.

Foot-and-Mouth Disease (FMD)

This viral disease can cause blisters and sores on the feet, mouth, and teats, leading to open wounds.


Occur due to exposure to heat sources, chemicals, or fires in barns or pastures, causing skin damage.

Environmental Factors

Harsh weather conditions, rough terrain, or inadequate shelter can also contribute to injuries in cattle.

Save your Cow & Buffalo from Warts, wound due to any injury, FMD, Burns issue

Tips for Prevention of wounds due to any injury, FMD, Burns problem in Cattle

Preventing wounds in cattle requires a vigilant approach. Regular vaccination against diseases like FMD, maintaining a clean and hazard-free environment, and providing proper shelter are vital. Gentle handling and consistent monitoring help minimize injury risks, ensuring a safe and healthy environment for the cattle.

Symptoms of wound due to any injury,
FMD, Burns in Cattle

Injury Wounds

Visible cuts, scrapes, or punctures on the skin, often accompanied by bleeding, swelling, lameness, or signs of discomfort. Infections in wounds might show as pus, warmth, redness, or foul odour.

Foot-and-Mouth Disease (FMD) Wounds

Blisters or ulcers on the feet, mouth, and udder areas. Lameness, excessive drooling, reluctance to eat or drink, and reduced milk production can also indicate FMD-related lesions.


Hair loss, blistering, or charred skin on affected areas. Cattle may exhibit signs of pain, reluctance to move, or discomfort when the burned regions are touched or examined.

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Homeopathy can help your Cow & Buffalo from wound due to any injury, FMD, Burns Problems

Benefits of Goheal Spray

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गोजातीय थनैला रोग शारीरिक आघात या सूक्ष्मजीवों के संक्रमण के कारण उदर ऊतक की लगातार, भड़काऊ प्रतिक्रिया है थनैला रोग, एक संभावित घातक स्तन ग्रंथि संक्रमण, संयुक्त राज्य अमेरिका और दुनिया भर में डेयरी मवेशियों में सबसे आम बीमारी है। यह डेयरी उद्योग के लिए सबसे महंगी बीमारी भी है।  थनैला रोग से पीड़ित गायों के दूध में दैहिक कोशिका की संख्या में वृद्धि होती है थनैला रोग की

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