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Foot & Mouth Disease in Cattle

Foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) is a contagious viral illness that affects cloven-hoofed animals like cattle. It spreads fast through contact or the air, causing fever and blisters in the mouth and on the feet. This leads to reduced milk production, weight loss, and sometimes death. Prevention involves vaccination and strict biosecurity measures to curb its spread.
Common causes of Foot & Mouth Disease in Cattle include:

Direct Contact

Close contact with infected animals is a major mode of transmission. Sharing pastures, corrals, or any contact between healthy and infected animals can facilitate the spread.

Contaminated Items

The virus can survive in the environment for extended periods. Objects like farming equipment, vehicles, clothing, or even food items contaminated with the virus can spread the disease if they come into contact with susceptible animals.

Airborne Transmission

The virus can spread through the air, especially in areas with high animal density. Windborne transmission can carry the virus over short distances.

Human Transmission

Humans can inadvertently carry the virus on their clothes, shoes, or through lack of hygiene after contact with infected animals, potentially transmitting it to other herds or locations.

Save your Cow & Buffalo from Foot & Mouth Disease

Tips for Prevention of F.M.D problem in Cattle

Preventing Foot-and-Mouth Disease (FMD) in cattle involves vaccination for immunity, strict biosecurity measures, and monitoring for signs of the disease. Prompt isolation of suspected cases and reporting to veterinary authorities are crucial to contain and prevent the spread of outbreaks.

Symptoms of Foot & Mouth Disease in Cattle


Elevated body temperature is one of the initial signs.

Blisters and Sores

Painful blisters and ulcers appear on the tongue, gums, inside the cheeks, and around the hooves. These cause discomfort, drooling, and reluctance to eat.


Due to painful blisters on the feet, affected cattle may show signs of lameness, reluctance to walk, or standing on their heels to avoid putting pressure on their hooves.

Reduced Milk Production

Infected dairy cattle often exhibit a significant drop in milk production.

Weight Loss

Reduced appetite due to mouth lesions can lead to weight loss in affected animals.

Excessive Salivation

Excessive drooling or saliva production is common due to mouth ulcers.

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Homeopathy can helps your Cow & Buffalo in foot & mouth Problems

Benefits of foomasule NO. 1

  1. For prevention of FMD ,
  2. Foomasule No.1 is as effective as vaccination against FMD.
  3. Foomasule No.1 gives immunity against all strains of the FMD virus.

Benefits of foomasule NO. 2

  1. Cures mouth lesions in just 24 hrs. and the animal starts grazing.
  2. The salivation is reduced to a very considerable quantity and recovery starts within 24 hrs.
  3. Diarrhea, fever, and other F.M.D. complaints are also covered up by Foomasule No.2 Treatment.
  4.  The foot lesions also start to dry up, Foomasule No.2 prevents exogenous growth in between footpads.

Prevent your Cattle from with Dr.Goel’s foomasule no. 1

FOOMASULE No. 1 is the best available Homeopathic Veterinary Medicine to prevent the incidence of FOOT & MOUTH DISEASE (FMD) in cattle. It is very helpful when there is an outbreak of the disease in nearby places as it boosts the immunity of animals against viral infection of FMD.

Treat your Cattle from with Dr.Goel’s foomasule no. 2

FOOMASULE No. 2 is the best available Homeopathic Veterinary Medicine for treating FOOT & MOUTH DISEASE (FMD) in cattle. It is effective against all strains of FMD virus. It cures the lesions in the mouth within 24 hours and helps the animal in grazing.


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