FOOMASULE No. 1 is the best available Homeopathic Veterinary Medicine For Prevention of FOOT & MOUTH DISEASE (FMD) in Cattle. FOOMASULE No. 1 may also be used at the high time of FMD infection all around, it develops the immunity of animals against viral infection of FMD.

Homeopathic Veterinary Medicines of Goel Vet Pharma Pvt Ltd are Manufactured in WHO GMP certified manufacturing facilities with utmost care and hygiene, hence these medicines are very effective and useful in field conditions. Thousands of doctors are prescribing and farmers are using these medicines with confidence and getting excellent results.



For Prevention of FOOT & MOUTH DISEASE (FMD) in Cattle



  1. Foomasule No.1 is as effective as Vaccination.
  2. Foomasule No.1 gives immunity against all strains of infections.
  3. Foomasule No.1 develops resistance in 48 hrs. to 72 hrs.
  4. Foomasule No.1 is effective even when segregation from diseased animals in a herd are not possible.
  5. Foomasule No.1 prevention may be given to sick animals of other diseases and also in pregnancy.
  6. The result of Foomasule No.1 is not affected by the mutation of the virus.


This Homeopathic Veterinary Medicine specially formulated for Pets to give safest and side-effect-free medication with keeping in mind that Efficacy and Quality of product must be maintained. Here is some factual representation of homeopathic drug pictures for a common reference.

Justicia Adhatoda: (Homeopathic Medicine)

Highly efficacious medicine for acute catarrhal conditions of the respiratory tract. Mouth dry. Fluent profuse coryza from the nose with constant sneezing. The nose is swollen with a sense of obstruction. The tongue is coated white. May be given as a ‘preventive’ to others and the family members of the patients

Kali Iodatum: (Homeopathic Medicine)

This remedy is used to treat glandular complaints, such as swollen glands associated with flu, sore throats, and prostate problems. green mucus or acrid watery discharges from the nose.

Mercurius Solubilis: (Homeopathic Medicine)

The remedy is used for ulcers, particularly if they affect the gut as in ulcerative colitis; where there is diarrhea with bleeding, and great straining to pass small amounts of mucus or blood.

Natrum Phosphoricum: (Homeopathic Medicine)

It is a chief remedy for hyperacidity and ulcers in the mouth.

Nitric Acid: (Homeopathic Medicine)

This remedy is used to treat splinter like pain which may appear and disappear suddenly, for example, in sore throats, mouth ulcers, and thrush.

Rush Tox: (Homeopathic Medicine)

It is used to treat eczema, chilblains, cold sores, shingles, nappy rash, and other conditions in which there is a dry, scaling, or blistered skin. Some menstrual problems, including heavy bleeding and abdominal pains that are relieved by lying down, benefit from this remedy.

Variolinium: (Homeopathic Medicine)

Prophylaxis, or pro-active measures to prevent a disease from occurring, as a concept in Homoeopathy has limited application. when there is a case of an epidemic outbreak and the general symptom pattern shows a homogeneity to lead us to the remedy, the so-called genus epidemicus will help curatively as well as preventive.

Symptomatical description of Homeopathic drugs is taken from authoritative literature with Homeopathic provings based on Homeopathic Pharmacopeia of India. 


One bolus each in the morning & evening as mentioned or as per the doctor.

Blister packing of 2 X 4 bolus

Dr Goel's Homeopathy
Homeopathic Veterinary Medicine


For Faster Relief & Quick Action of Medicine Please make sure that medicine must be touched through the tongue. Please do not increase the dose let decrease the time interval of medicine. you may give medicine to the animal within the interval of half an hour to one hour or as suggested by the doctor. Please dissolve the tablets in drinking water or rub the crushed tablets directly on the tongue of the animal. Try the following methods for liquid or tablets dissolved in water.

Method 1: Please take some Juggary, water & Bolus of 7 gms of medicine mix all and let animals drink the mixture.

Method 2: Please take Roti, drop crushed bolus of medicine on it, and give to the animal. Let animals eat Bread with medicine.

Method 3: Please take a Syringe of 5 ml, fill it with the solution of water and dissolved bolus of Medicine, spray it on the tongue or Nostrils of animal, let animals taste the medicine.

Please Note that do not Drench the Medicine to the Animal, Let Animal Eat or Drink the Medicine.

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