HIT-O-GEN for Natural estrus in Cow



HIT-O-GEN for regularising natural oestrus cycle in female animals.

HIT-O-GEN, a Homeopathic veterinary medicine, is the best remedy for inducing heat in anoestrus female animals of the species cattle, buffalo, sheep, and goat. This unique formulation was brought up by the leading Homeopathic Veterinary Medicine producing company Goel Vet PharmaPvt Ltd. The company is certified under WHO GMP practices which highlight its hygienic manufacturing facilities. All the available formulations had undergone many clinical and field trials thus gaining trust among many veterinarians and pet parents.





Anoestrus condition of any unknown reason in the female animals can be treated with HIT-O-GEN.

Blister packing of 2 X 2 bolus

DOSAGE: One bolus each in the morning & evening as mentioned or as per the doctor’s advice.

Please wait for 3 to 15 days to observe the natural heat in the animal. Please repeat the course after 15 days if required.


This Homeopathic Veterinary Medicine is specially formulated for female livestock animals to give the safest and side-effect-free medication while keeping in mind that efficacy and quality of the product is maintained. Some facts about the formulation-

Alteris Ferinosa: (Homeopathic Medicine)

Frequently indicated in the complaints of irregularities in the oestrus cycle, especially in those animals predisposed to haemorrhages in the uterus particularly after an abortion or in connection with traction during parturition.

Follculinum: (Homeopathic Medicine)

Folliculinum is used for female oestrus cycle disorders, in hormonal imbalance conditions, can be used in conjunction with other health therapies for cysts and fibroids,and also when the excess oestrogen is the main problem in the body.

Ophorinum: (Homeopathic Medicine)

In conditions where ovaries are not so functional or are suffering from ovarian cysts or fibroids, this remedy comes to rescue.

Pituitary Gland: (Homeopathic Medicine)

It is highly beneficial during times of high stress and in the conditions of hypoglycaemia. The pituitary gland secretes the growth hormone, prolactin, follicle-stimulating hormone, luteinizing hormone, thyroid-stimulating hormone, adrenocorticotropic hormone, endorphins, and other hormones. The Pituitary gland secretes hormones that in turn stimulate growth throughout the body, adrenal gland, ovaries, uterus, and the udder.

Note: All the above mentioned symptomatic description of the homeopathic drugs is taken from approved literature of homeopathy with an underlying base from Homeopathic Pharmacopeia of India. 

Dr Goel's Homeopathy
Homeopathic Veterinary Medicine to induce natural heat in cow


Make sure that medicine touches the tongue of the animal for faster relief and quick action. Increasing the dose should be avoided; rather decreasing the time intervals between successive drug administrations is advisable. Dissolve the pills in drinking water or directly rub the crushed pills on the tongue of the animal. Different methods of administration:

Method 1: Mix some jaggery and the bolus medicine in the drinking water and let the animal drink the mixture directly.

Method 2: Spread the powdered medicine on a piece of roti or bread and offer it to the animal to eat, so that medicine is consumed along with food.

Method 3: Fill an empty 5 mL syringe (needless) with the dissolved medicine solution in water and directly spray on the tongue of the animal or into the nostrils gently. Confirm that the medicine is licked by the animal.

Note: Do not drench the medicine, let the animal lick the medicine with the tongue while eating or drinking.

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