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An Easy to give Calcium supplementation for Dogs & Cats, Specially for those Pet parents who are pure Vegetarians. Me & My CALCIUM Pet Supplement is prepared from natural resources of lime and milk as bio-available calcium. The most happening thing is this natural calcium absorbs in the body as such.

Pet Supplements of Goel Vet Pharma Pvt Ltd are Manufactured in FSSAI certified manufacturing facilities with the utmost care and hygiene, hence these Pet Supplements are very effective and useful in field conditions. A lot of Veterinarians are prescribing and Pet Parents is using these supplements with confidence and getting excellent results.


What is calcium?

Calcium is an important mineral for dogs. Also as supporting their teeth and bone health and helping their grume properly, calcium helps your dog’s muscles lengthen and contract, and plays a crucial part in essential processes in your dog’s cells.

Which foods are good sources of calcium for dogs?
Foods that contain calcium include:
• Broccoli
• Kale
• Egg
• Meat
• Ground bone

What’s ground bone?

It’s tasty bone during a powdered form. This lets your dog get all the nutritional benefits, with none of the risks. Your dog also can get calcium from natural non-food sources, like limestone. this is often where the calcium in calcium supplements comes from.

Do Pets need to give Milk?
Milk may be a good source of calcium for us but isn’t such a healthy choice for our dogs. That’s because many dogs are lactose intolerant – can upset their stomach, give them gas or cause them to bloat.
It wont to be common for people to offer milk to puppies. which will be OK for a short time – puppies have the enzymes they have to digest lactose when they’re young, but lose them once they’re older. However, we still don’t recommend giving milk to your puppy. If they never get a taste for this creamy treat, you don’t need to worry about excluding it from their diet later.

Does my dog need more calcium?
As with many nutrients, an excessive amount of is often as harmful as insufficient. Balance is vital. In extreme cases, calcium deficiency in dogs can cause:
• Poor growth
• Weakness or lethargy
• Muscle tremors or twitching
• Bone and joint problems
• Stress fractures
• Convulsions

Studies show that enormous and giant breeds need specific levels of calcium at certain life stages. Factors like breed and life stage also change your dog’s ideal balance of calcium in reference to other minerals, like phosphorus.
Working out precisely the right levels for your dog takes some careful calculations.

Can I give my dog an excessive amount of calcium?
Too much calcium can cause your dog to develop problems like kidney stones. It also can cause large breeds to grow too quickly for his or her bones and joints to develop properly. this will cause problems like hip dysplasia, osteochondrosis, and hypertrophic osteodystrophy in adulthood.

How much calcium do puppies need?
Calcium is a crucial nutrient for growth and development, so puppies often need quite adult dogs. However, it’s best to avoid giving calcium supplements to a growing puppy. Why? Because puppy foods already contain high levels of calcium. Giving, even more, can add up to an excessive amount of.

Too much calcium is often harmful to puppies?

Yes, because it affects bone growth and development and may leave your dog with bone density problems. it’s going to also affect how your puppy absorbs other important minerals, like zinc. Another blow to their overall wellbeing.
Of course, with a blend, you’ll make certain your dog is getting the balance they have. That’s because we compute the proper level of calcium for puppies, supported their age, weight, breed, and more. As they grow old, grow bigger, and move around more, we adjust the calcium level in their food to match. So their blend is equally suitable at every stage of their life.

Should I give my dog calcium supplements?
If your adult dog eats a healthy, diet, there’s probably no got to add a calcium supplement to their routine. There are a few exceptions:

  • Pregnancy – if your dog’s pregnant with an outsized litter, she may have more calcium to form sure there’s enough to travel around.
  • Calcium deficiency – if your dog’s affected by a big lack of calcium, a supplement is often an honest thanks to redressing the balance.
Pet Supplement Granules



Granules Contains :

Each 10 gm contains :

Phosphate of Lime 1000mcg

Phosphate of Iron 1000mcg

Lactose base

Recommended in :

It helps in growth and strength of bones, improves appetite, digestion and assimilation of Calcium in the body thus helps to build the body

Recommended Quantity :

Pups: up to 10kg: 1 teaspoonful

Adult : above 10kg : 2 teaspoonful

or as per consultation of Vet

Directions for use :

Give in lukewarm water or milk


For Faster Relief & Quick Absorption of Me & My Pet Supplements Please make sure that Dose must be given regularly and properly as per schedule suggested by Veterinary Professional.  Try the following methods for the administration of granules to your pet.

Method 1: Please open the mouth of the pet and drop the medicine directly on the tongue or on nostrils so that pet may lick it accordingly.

Method 2: Please take bread or plain rice, drop medicine on it, and give it to the Pet. Let the pet eat food with medicine.

Method 3: Please take Syringe without a needle of 5 ml, fill it with a solution of Medicine and distilled water spray it on the tongue or Nostrils of the pet let pet lick the medicine.

Please Note that do not Drench the Medicine, Let your pet Lick the Medicine.


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