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An Easy to give Calcium supplementation for dogs & cats, especially for those pet parents who are pure vegetarians. Me & My CALCIUM Pet Supplement is prepared from natural resources of lime and milk which have high bio-availability of calcium. The best thing about this natural calcium is that it gets absorbed into the body as such.

Goel Vet Pharma Limited has introduced many pet supplements into the market.Their products are manufactured in FSSAI certified manufacturing facilities with utmost care and hygiene,hence are very effective and flexible for use in the field conditions too.With the excellent results in the way these pet supplements work, these are being prescribed by many veterinarians all over India and has succeeded in confident use by pet parents too.


What is calcium?

Calcium is an important mineral for maintaining many bodily functions in dogs. It forms an important part of the teeth and bones and help in their proper growth.It helps in muscle contraction and carry out many other metabolisms at the cellular level.

Which foods are good sources of calcium for dogs?

Foods that contain good amount of calcium are:

Ground bone

What’s ground bone?

It is a tasty powdered form of bone. This is a good source of all the major nutrients importantly calcium. Natural non-food sources of calcium like limestone can also be provided to your dog. These are the common calcium supplements easily available.

Can pets consume milk?

Milk may be a good source of calcium for us but isn’t such a healthy choice for our dogs. The reason behind is the lactose intolerance which is common in many dogs. This condition can cause gastrointestinal disturbances with gas accumulation thus causing bloat in dogs when fed milk. Younger puppies have those enzymes that can digest lactose present in milk, but they lose them once they are getting aged. Hence, feeding milk to puppies is considered ‘ok’ for a short period of time. But, it is advisable not feed them with excess milk even when they are young.

Does my dog need more calcium?

As with many nutrients, an excessive amount of is as harmful as insufficient. Balance is vital. In extreme cases, calcium deficiency in dogs can cause:

  • Poor growth
    • Weakness or lethargy
    • Muscle tremors or twitching
    • Bone and joint problems
    • Stress fractures
    • Convulsions

Studies show that enormous and giant breeds need specific levels of calcium at certain life stages. Factors like breed, sex, age, stage of life, and all other factors may influence the required levels of calcium for maintaining proper calcium-phosphorus balance and other major minerals. Working out precisely to know the right levels of calcium for your dog keeping in mind the above is truly important.

Can I give my dog an excess amount of calcium?

Too much calcium can cause your dog to develop problems like kidney stones. It may lead to problems like hip dysplasia, osteochondrosis, and hypertrophic osteodystrophy in adult dogs which are fed with excess calcium in their young age.

How much calcium do puppies need?

Calcium is a crucial nutrient for growth and development, so puppies often need quite good amount of calcium than adult dogs. However, it’s best to avoid giving calcium supplements to a growing puppy. Why? Because puppy foods already contain high levels of calcium. Giving, even more, can add up to an excessive amount.

Is too much calcium harmful to puppies?

Yes, because it affects bone growth and development and may leave your dog with bone density problems. Excess amounts of calcium can affect the absorption of other important minerals like zinc debilitating the condition.

But with a blend, you can be certain that your dog is getting the right balance of calcium. That’s because we compute the correct level of calcium for puppies considering their age, weight, breed, and other relatable characteristics. The level can be adjusted with increasing age and body size of the pet animal.

Should I give my dog calcium supplements?

If your dog eats a healthy nutritious diet, there’s probably no need to add any calcium supplements to their routine. Considering few exceptions like:

  • Pregnancy – if your dog is pregnant with an outnumbered litter size, she may require more calcium for better uterine contractions and intrauterine foetal movements.
  • Calcium deficiency – if your dog shows bone or teeth deformities like weak, easily broken, soft, fractured, etc., calcium supplemention is often an honest thanks to redressing the balance.
Pet Supplement Granules


Granules Contains :

Each 10 gm contains :

Phosphate of Lime 1000mcg

Phosphate of Iron 1000mcg

Lactose base

Recommended in :

It helps in normal growth and building strength to bones and teeth. It also improves appetite, facilitates good digestion and helps in assimilation of calcium in the body thus helping to build the body in very way possible.

Recommended Quantity :

Pups: up to 10kg: 1 teaspoonful

Adult: above 10kg : 2 teaspoonfulor as per the consultation of a veterinarian

Directions for use :

For fast relief & quick absorption of Me & My Pet Supplements make sure that the dose must be given regularly and properly as per schedule or as suggested by the Veterinary Professional.  Try the following methods for the administration of granules to your pet.


Dissolve the granules in lukewarm water or milk and wait for two-three minutes.

Method 1

Drop the medicine directly on the tongue by opening the pet’s mouth or into the nostrils, to make sure the animal licks it.

Method 2

Introduce the drug along with the food like plain rice or bread, which is offered to the pet. Make sure the animal eat the medicine along with the food.

Method 3

Fill an empty 5 mL syringe (needless) with the medicine and distilled water and directly spray on the tongue of the pet or into the nostrils gently. Confirm that the medicine is licked by the pet.

Note : Do not drench  the Medicine.Let your pet lick the medicine.


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