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Homeopathy Remedy to Safely Relieve Your Dog From Joint Pain : Goel Vet Pharma

Arthritis is an inflammation of joints that causes pain, discomfort, and stiffness of the joints in many dogs, which seem to be lively and healthy. There are different types of arthritis, of which rheumatoid arthritis is one, which is an autoimmune disorder. Homeopathy can help your pet get rid of this discomfort and pain.

Dr. Amit Kumar Tripathi, Veterinarian


It is an autoimmune disorder in which the body mistakes its proteins as foreign. This sends a false alarm to the immune system, which starts producing antibodies against its proteins. These antibodies are called the Rheumatoid factor. The antibodies and proteins form immune complexes that get deposited in the joints and trigger inflammatory reactions. These inflammatory reactions, if not treated timely, spread to the surrounding tissues of joints affecting the structural and functional integrity of cartilage, bones, and synovial fluid. Homeopathy has a remedy for this problem.


One best alternative to expensive, contraindicative, side effect-prone allopathic treatment is homeopathy. It works on the principle of “the law of similar.” It states that the symptoms or syndromes a substance causes experimentally are those that it may clinically resolve when given in specially prepared very small doses to individuals showing similar symptoms.
Homeopathy is a recently chosen alternative widely used by veterinary medicine around the world in addition to any line of treatment because it has no side effects or contraindications.


The disease is common in toy/small breeds of dogs of the age group of five & six years. Breeds like pugs, Pomeranians, poodles, etc., are highly susceptible. The idiopathic immune-mediated disease can occur in all dogs but is most common in small–breeds.


The symptoms of the disease include lameness, fever, stiffness, swelling and painful joints, tonsillitis, enlarged lymph nodes, pneumonia, etc. The severity of the lameness varies from the normal shifting of the gait to the point where the animal cannot walk at all. Fever is associated with inflammatory reactions. Stiffness, swelling of joints, and progressive disuse of joints can cause muscle atrophy—palpably enlarged lymph nodes near the affected joints. Tonsillitis, pneumonia, kidney diseases, and muscle wasting diseases are the other diseases that have affected animals suffering from arthritis for a long time.


The diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis is relatively difficult because it can be confused with other diseases with similar symptoms. Lameness, the prominent sign, can be due to other reasons like osteoarthritis, fracture, nerve injury, calcium imbalance, and many other reasons. Therefore, differential diagnosis by a qualified veterinarian is very important. Radiology, along with a biopsy of the inflamed joints, is the technique used for the effective diagnosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Blood tests can be done to find the rheumatoid factor. But it must be kept in mind that the mere presence of the rheumatoid factor doesn’t confirm rheumatoid arthritis. Synovial fluid can be analyzed for change in pH, color, and consistency and observed for the presence of cells of inflammation.


Management: Modifying the dog’s daily routine is the first step to decreasing the effects of Rheumatoid arthritis. Increasing the resting period, practicing simple exercises, controlling weight, and feeding a balanced diet are the basic changes to be kept in mind while adopting any therapy. If a pet is overweight, pressure on the joints is inevitable, thereby slowing the healing process. Regular practice of simple exercises strengthens muscle and blood supply to the affected area, thereby accelerating the process of healing.


MedicationINFLASULE for pets is an excellent homeopathic remedy in treating inflammation of joints, lameness, shifting pain due to swelling of joints (LYME DISEASE) along with fever and anorexia, inflamed eyes of any reason or pain in the joints as in the case of arthritis.

This unique formulation was brought up by the leading Homeopathic Veterinary Medicine producing company Goel Vet Pharma Pvt Ltd. The company is certified under WHO GMP practices which highlight its hygienic manufacturing facilities. All the available formulations had undergone many clinical and field trials, thus gaining trust among many veterinarians and pet parents.

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