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How To Cure Diarrhea In Pets : Homeopathic Remedy : FAQs

Diarrhea is the passage of stools by your pet three or more times per day, bloody, mucoid, or offensive which seems abnormal compared to other days. It is usually a symptom of gastrointestinal infection which can be caused by a number of bacterial, viral, parasitic, or protozoal infections.

Dr. Niraj Rajpoot, Field Veterinarian

What is a parvoviral infection and what are its symptoms?

Canine parvovirus is a non-enveloped single stranded DNA virus from the Parvoviridae family. It is a highly contagious virus that mainly affects dogs.

Viruses easily spread from dog to dog by direct or indirect contact through contaminated food and water.

Symptoms of parvo-viral infection include typical hemorrhagic gastroenteritis, high rise in temperature in the initial stages of the infection, which gradually returns to subnormal level with the advancement of vomitings and diarrhea, inappetence, pass brownish semi-solid feces, and pups under 10 weeks of age usually suffer from myocarditis.

What should I do if my dog is suffering from severe diarrhea?

lf your pet is suffering from severe diarrhea, give your dog multi-electrolyte solutions like electrol or coconut water. If the frequency of diarrhea is more, then intravenous fluid therapy may help a lot. After that, you can give Diasule drops @  20 drops three times a day to provide relief to your pet.

What is the most common cause of diarrhea in dogs?

The most common cause of diarrhea in pets is parasitic gastroenteritis or parvoviral infection. You are advised to give Wormisule XP @ 20 drops three times a day for deworming your pet and then give Diasule 30 ml @ 20 drops three times a day.

How long does diarrhea last in dogs?

Acute diarrhea has sudden onset lasting for a week, and chronic diarrhea lasts longer than a few weeks. The duration of diarrhea depends upon the underlying cause of diarrhea. If it is due to worms or parvovirus, it may go up to 1 to 2 weeks. If the chronic intestinal inflammation persists, then it may last longer than a few weeks.

Should I withhold food from my dog during diarrhea?

Give instant glucose releasing fluids mixed with electrolytes when your pet is suffering from diarrhea as a basic preliminary step. Supportive therapy with intravenous fluids is helpful to a great extent if the frequency of diarrhea is high. Better avoid the solid food to your dog till the frequency of the loose motion comes to normal. Using Diasule 30 ml @ 20 drops three times a day is the best available side affect free treatment to save your pet.

How can I normalize my dog’s diarrhea quickly?

Giving glucose mixed with electrolyte water with regular intravenous fluid therapy to neutralize dehydration is a great help to pets suffering from diarrhea. Deworming with Wormisule XP firsthand and using Diasule regularly, as mentioned or as prescribed by a veterinarian, is highly helpful for fast recovery.

When is the right time to visit a veterinarian?

If the pet is active though suffering from diarrhea, there is no need to worry much and concentrate on rehydrating your pet from time to time. If your pet is dull and weak, and the frequency of diarrhea is increasing with bloody or mucoid discharge, visiting a veterinarian is a must.

What can I give my dog to harden the stools?

You can give your dog syrup Hambal liv 100ml @ 2.5 ml three times a day for better digestion and give boiled and smashed rice, probiotics like yogurt and curd, and a fiber-rich diet for the good health of the gut.

Can I feed my dog fruits during diarrhea?

Not all fruits are good for the health of your pet. Yes! you can give a banana to your pet during diarrhea but supportive therapy is necessary for fast recovery like fluid therapy and using Diasule 30 ml @ three times a day can be very helpful for complete recovery.

How much quantity of rice must be fed to a dog suffering from diarrhea?

Feeding rice to the dog suffering from diarrhea, in small quantities (approx 50 gm in each offering) with curd, helps a lot.

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