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A Pinch Of Woof And A Dash Of Paw :Rottweiler

Fun, power, joy- these three adjectives very well suit our next particular power-packed breed on the series ‘A dash of woof and a pinch of paw” wherein we cover various dog breeds, their peculiar characters, fun facts, history and much more. In today’s blog we are going to dive into the world of this breed known for its sheer size, strength, vitality and agility. They are quite smart, and tough, if you had to compare them to a kind-of-human, well, they would make the best bodyguards or body-builders. Any guesses? To give you a little hint, they are tough on the outside yet, little babies a theart. Yes, today let us explore the world of Rottweilers most commonly referred to as Rotties- the power packed breed that are everready to guard, love and protect their tribe. So, let’s get started.

Features: The Strong Dogs- Rottweiler.

Origin: Rottweil, Germany. [~ 2 nd Century CE]

Size: Medium-Large dog breed

Built: Muscular, Well-built, Sturdy and Strong.

Height: Medium-Tall

Coat: Black-Mahogany. Double-Coat, Thick Coat.

Synonyms: Rottie/Rott.

Type: Companion dog breed, Rescue Dogs, Search-Rescue Dogs, Guard Dogs, Police Dogs.

Temperament: Calm, Loyal, Loving, Obedient, Smart.

Rottweilers are quiet ancient by nature. These dogs trace their roots back to Roman Era. Yes, that’show old & ancient rotties really are. These dogs were raised to protect both humans as well slivestock herds. 

These dogs were essentially known to be fierce as they had the responsibility to protect and safeguard their owners as well as their corresponding livestock. They were well-versed in defending their owners as well as their properties. Not only that, these dogs were the preferred choice of the butchers as well, owing to their performance and usefulness.

This breed acquired its name from a city named Rottweil [belonging to the Roman Empire]. This dog particularly fetched and caught attention during the 1st World War. They were in demand due to their nature as well as their personality They were excellent guard dogs and were used to carry out military operations, as guides and so on. The Rottweilers that we know today are calm, confident, and inquisitive by nature. Perhaps, this Is due to the fact that their ancestors, too, played similar job-roles. These dogs love playing and are particularly very protective of children. As opposed to what people usually believe, these dogs are not dangerous unless provoked by external factors. Dogs that are particularly trained and well-managed pose no threat to others unless hurt/challenged/offended.

Rottweilers are likely to get obese and are prone to obesity. Obesity has its own set of repercussions. Obesity is not natural unless it’s chained to certain genetic factors. Certain disease processes too, can contribute to your pet being obese. The consequences of obesity can be severe in certain cases for instance diseases such as arthritis (unable to walk/bear weight), breathing problems, heart diseases, immune related problems which may trigger a few other sets of diseases such as skin problems, reproductive failure and so on.

The Rottweiler Formula : Exercise + Immunity + Balanced Diet = Healthier, Stronger And Happier Puppy!

Immunity is the underlying wire that essentially connects every single organ system as well as every single cell of our body. Immunity is defined as the body’s innate or natural ability to fight or ward off infections. immunity acts as a security guard + manager who not only ensures that our body is functioning optimally but also protects us from foreign antigens such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, etc. Immunity is naturally empowered to function as the brick wall between the outside world and the inside world. How exactly does immunity play a role in protecting our bodies?

The immune system comprises certain organs such as the Thymus, the Bone Marrow; certainly associated lymph nodes, and certain cells (e.g. T Lymphocytes and B Lymphocytes)

It’s Vital: Vitality & Immunity

You may have often come across the terms- ‘Vitality’ and ‘energy’ and their inevitable co-relation with immunity. Vitality can be looked upon as a building that has immunity as it’s functional base. The 5 most important pillars of vitality are:

  • Adequate Nutrition
  • Sufficient Exercise
  • Ample amount of sound Sleep
  • Resilience and Stress- free environment
  • Connection & Bonding [social needs]

 Immunity is driven from the following sources:

  1. Genetically driven factors or Innate immunity (Immunity is dependent upon familial predisposition to certain ailments and immune power)
  2. Mother’s milk- colostrum that contains immunoglobulins (Ig G/Ig A) confers essential immunity to the new born and helps it ward off infections and diseases
  3. Acquired Immunity – the ones that we acquire through exposure to certain outside sources. For instance – naturally recovering from an infectious disease will confer immunity (short term/long term) or mother’s milk which has pre-formed immunoglobulins (protective to the baby’s body)

Immunity and immune response vary a lot from one individual to another, species to species. It’s a perfect amalgamation of genetic factors and environmental factors. The immune response is dependent upon both genetic factors as well as environmental factors. Genetic factors involve hereditary and other correlated factors. Environmental factors, on the other hand have a complex network that affects the immunity of an individual.

1. GROWINGUP – Age is one of the major factors that are instrumental in affecting the immunity of an individual. New-born and elder dogs are more prone to infections and diseases. Reason? Immunity. These individuals are on the opposite spectrum of life cycle and are extremely vulnerable to diseases and concomitant infections.

Young ones usually receiving colostrum are resistant to infections as compared to those not receiving the same. Of course, these factors are interdependent upon one another. There are certain infections that are more commonly observed in the younger populations such as parvo viral enteritis in puppies, tapeworm infections are observed more commonly in kittens and puppies than in adults. Younger animals are still in their growing phase wherein their immunity is also doing the growing up part.

Vaccinations also play a crucial role in modulating and building immunity during the puppy phase. These vaccines have the ability to elicit an immune response so that whenever your puppy faces an infectious agent, their immune system effectively and efficiently wards it off.

This is why, ensure to vaccinate your little Rottweiler puppy from the 6th to 8th week onwards against various organisms like

Parvo Virus, Leptospira, Adeno Virus, etc. through the 9 in 1 Vaccine as well as Anti Rabies vaccination which is usually done around Month 3. This 9-in-1 protocol is then followed by booster doses for the same and then followed by Anti Rabies Vaccine which again builds up Immunity against the deadly Rabies Virus. This vaccination schedule must be followed as it helps to prevent life threatening conditions as it helps to build up the immunity of the animal. Annual vaccination is thus done to keep the immunity at a certain threshold level that helps your pets to lead a healthy happy life..

2. BUST THE STRESS BEFORE IT BUSTS YOU: we may undermine the power of stress at times, but mind you, stress is like a serial, silent killer. Stress hampers the immune system which ultimately goes on to hamper the entire optimal stage of the functioning system of our body. Stress causes the release of corticosteroids which suppresses the immune response of our body. Now with suppressed immunity, the external factors get a clear runway to make their disease land. Yes, low immunity equals to high rate of infectivity. Physical stressors include –

✓ Sudden change in atmosphere

✓ Change in location

✓ Transportation of pets

✓ Extreme heat/cold conditions

✓ Excessive handling of pets

✓ Concomitant infections

✓ Boarding, etc.

Certain other factors too, play an important role in modulating stress. For instance – 

✓ Pregnancy

✓ Anxiety and other behavioural issues

✓Separation anxiety in pets. 

✓ Trauma due to any physical/chemical/ infectious agents 

✓ Illnesses

✓ Poor sanitation and management

✓ Poor quality feed/ feeding abruptly/ feeding lesser ration than expected. 

3. GOOD FOOD FOR GOOD BODY: NUTRITION & SUPPLEMENTS: We are all familiar with this quote – “We are what we eat” which is essentially very true. We need a balanced healthy diet to ensure that our little orchestra of organs is playing the song of life in harmony.

A balanced diet comprises optimum levels of minerals, vitamins, fibers, carbohydrates, essential fatty acids, and proteins. It is particularly very important to give your pets all the essential nutrients to build up a strong body and stronger immunity right from their puppy phase. Pregnancy on the one hand requires a specifically tailored nutrition plan. Certain ailments such as kidney dysfunction or heart-related problems or any other geriatric problems require well-tailored Nutrition due to the fact that there are already ongoing problems and electrolyte imbalances..

 Here are some nutrients which are important for the development of a good immunity

✓ Vitamins like: Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, and B vitamins (Vitamin B complex)

✓ Polyunsaturated fatty acids,

✓ Minerals like: Calcium, Copper, Selenium, Chromium, Zinc etc

Many of these nutrients act as antioxidants which have the ability to protect the immune cells from oxidative damage and help in the building of a strong immune system.

There are certain immunity building supplements termed ‘Immuno-modulators’ or ‘immunity enhancers’ which, along with the food help in building immunity up.

IMMUNO-MODULATORS: these are any substance, biological or synthetic, that can stimulate, suppress, can modulate any component or part of the immune system including both innate and adaptive immunity. They are responsible for the induction of effective and sustained immune responses against infection or disease-causing pathogens..

✓ These modulators help immensely during the growth period of puppies and kittens. They assist in the process of growth and health.

✓ They also modulate immunity and stress caused by external factors. Stress invariably hampers immunity; however, immune modulators help in balancing out the ills caused by stress.

✓ They act as an immunity booster agent, helping the immune system to help the body in fighting pathogens.

 There are various types of immunomodulatory drugs for example-

  1. Immunostimulant modulators [ these help to build immunity by stimulating it]
  2. Immunosuppressants [to reduce unwanted immune response as in certain auto-immune diseases such as SLE]

 Rottweilers are fast growing dogs since they belong to the large-breed category. Coupled with optimum diet and exercise, immunostimulants help build immunity in young growing dogs. Immune-Stimulant Immunomodulators enhances the body’s resistive capability against bacteria, virus, etc pathogens, by enhancing the immune response in pets.

There are many drugs, which act as immune-boosters such as –

✓Curcuma longa: Turmeric [Hindi: Haldi],

✓ Ocimum tenuiflorum: Basil [Hindi: Tulsi], etc.


Canasule No.1: Canasule No.1 is an Immuno-modulator for young pups and kittens. This medicine acts as an immune stimulant by enhancing the body’s resistance against bacteria, viruses, etc. pathogens as well as improving the immune response in pets for their healthy growth and fast development. Young puppies are particularly vulnerable to infectious agents and stress, this medicine helps in the protection of young growing pets from common ailments.

Coupled with a routine vaccination schedule, a good diet, and ample exercise, Canasule No.1 acts as fuel to boost your pets’ immunity. Vaccination is extremely important as it confers immunity to pets [vaccination is done at 6-8 th weekonwards] against deadly viruses. Canasule no.1 coupled with vaccinations and proper dietary consideration boosts immunity and helps your puppy to grow healthier and stronger.

Me & My Vitality Supplement:

Me & My Vitality Supplement: This is a unique supplement for pets experiencing extreme lassitude (inactivity),depression, nervousness, irritability, and other related symptoms. Nurturing the pets to develop a strong immune system by giving them natural boosters to increase their vigour and vitality by providing essential minerals from a young age is very important for their proper growth.

Remember, Rottweilers are gentle giants. They may seem all strong and tough, but they too, need proper care and management. Having a pet is like having a baby, it is a responsibility for a lifetime. Yes, they add joy and colour to our life. It is our responsibility to ensure that they too, lead a happy and healthy life. Immunity is the wall of our body’s fort. The wall needs to be strong at all times so that the fortification does not shake or waver amidst adversities.

Happy Pet Parenting! 

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