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Repeat Breeding In Cattle : Homeopathic Veterinary Medicine

Repeat breeding is an expensive hitch at every level of dairy products, from small scale to large scale. It affects the profitability of dairy cattle, thus increasing the age at first calving in heifers, extending the inter-calving period each time insemination fails, and decreasing the calf crop at last.

Dr HemlataTelluri, Veterinarian

When is a Cow called a Repeat Breeder?

A cow is called a repeat breeder when it.

  1. has failed to conceive even after three or more services
  2. has a normal oestrus cycle length
  3. no abnormality in the vaginal discharge
  4. no palpable abnormality in the reproductive tract
  5. has calved at least once before and
  6. less than ten years of age

Why Homeopathy in Veterinary?

One best alternative to expensive, contraindicative, side effect-prone allopathic treatment is homeopathy. It works on the principle of “the law of similar.” It states that the symptoms or syndromes a substance causes experimentally are those that it may clinically resolve when given in specially prepared very small doses to individuals showing similar symptoms.
Homeopathy is a recently chosen alternative widely used by veterinary medicine around the world in addition to any line of treatment because it has no side effects or contraindications.

What are the different types of Repeat Breeders?

An early repeater is an animal in which the most probable event could be either failure of fertilization or early embryonic death. The cows return to heat within 17-24 days after AI.

late repeater is a cow in which heat is observed later than 25 days after AI.

What are the different reasons for the Repeat Breeding condition?

The underlying reasons for a cow becoming a repeat breeder could be many of which anatomical, functional, infectious, and managemental causes are the main once.


  • Persistent hymen
  • Cervical problems
  • Ovobursal adhesions
  • Fibrous fallopian tubes
  • Uterine adhesions


  • Delayed ovulation
  • Anovulation
  • Luteal insufficiency
  • Failure of nidation of the fertilized ovum
  • Deficiency of Progesterone
  • Excess of estrogen


  • Specific and non-specific uterine infections associated with fertilization failure or early embryonic mortality
  • Clinical or sub-clinical endometritis
  • Bacterial or mycotic endometritis


  • Improper semen handling
  • Faulty AI technique
  • Malnourishment
  • Incorrect AI time
  • Deficiency of energy
  • Aged sperm and ovum
  • Poor hygiene at the time of calving and A.I
  • Poor management and handling of frozen semen or poor quality semen
  • High ambient temperature and humidity, stress.

Genetic or chromosomal abnormalities,

Most prevalent in Jersey and Holstein.

Age and higher incidences of repeat breeding are seen in old cows.

How to identify a Repeat Breeder?

Diagnosis of repeat breeding in cattle is itself a challenging task. Heat record maintenance is a must to find out whether a cow is an early heat repeater or a late heat repeater. Cows that have had three services and are not pregnant should be checked before serving again by a veterinarian.

What are the management tips for cows showing Repeat Breeding conditions?

As there is no single cause that leads to repeat breeding syndrome, the following guidelines are recommended if no specific cause has been identified.

  1. Bringing the animal into positive nutritive balance.
  2. Micronutrients and vitamins supplementation such as Se, Zn, Cu, Mn, and vitamin A, D, and E on a daily basis.
  3. Use of good quality semen having more than 50 percent progressive forward motility.
  4. Insemination of the cow at the right time of the estrum. AI twice at 12 to the 24-hour interval.
  5. Proper AI technique.
  6. After AI, clitoral massage or 100 micrograms of GnRH or 1500 IU of the luteinizing hormone can be administered to stimulate ovulation.
  7. Skip the AI, and administer 1 million units of penicillin in saline twice at 12 hours intervals during estrum.
  8. Flushing the uterus with normal saline with moderate pressure to remove cellular debris or mild blocks in oviducts.
  9. Sexual rest for two consecutive cycles and breeding.

Best Homeopathic Remedy available in the market for Repeat Breeding

FERTISULE, a 21 Days Course for Cattle, is one such wonder formulation specially formulated with all the necessary remedies that could relieve the animal from all the known causes of repeat breeding. It can even be recommended in animals where every other alternative has failed.

This unique formulation was brought up by the leading Homeopathic Veterinary Medicine producing company GOEL VET PHARMA PVT. LTD. The company is certified under WHO GMP practices which highlight its hygienic manufacturing facilities. All the available formulations have undergone many clinical and field trials, thus gaining trust among many veterinarians and livestock owners all over India.

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  1. […] Repeat breeding in cattle is an expensive stumbling block for dairy producers at all scales, from small to large. It has an impact on dairy cattle profitability by raising the age at first calving in heifers, lengthening the inter-calving period each time insemination fails, and, finally, lowering the calf crop. Homeopathy is a good alternative to expensive, contraindicative, and side effect-prone allopathic medication. It is based on the notion of “similarity.” It states that the symptoms or syndromes a chemical generates in the lab are the same symptoms or syndromes that it may resolve clinically when given in properly prepared very small dosages to people with identical symptoms. […]

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