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What to Do When Your Dog Or Cat Won’t Eat : Anorexia : Homeopathy Remedy

Anorexia is a general loss of appetite or a loss of interest in food. To some people, when they hear the word “anorexia,” the eating disorder “anorexia nervosa” comes to their mind, which is a completely different condition from anorexia. 

 Anorexia nervosa doesn’t cause a loss of appetite. Pets suffering from anorexia nervosa avoid food. At the same time, pets suffering from anorexia (loss of appetite) unintentionally lose interest in food. Loss of appetite is often caused by an underlying medical condition.

Q. How to treat anorexia in dogs?

Anorexia in pets can be treated by following a proper deworming and vaccination schedule, giving a balanced diet, following a routine exercise schedule, giving Immuno boosters like CANASULE No.1 @ 20 drops three times a day and WORMISULE-XP @ 20 drops three times a day, and for preventing ticks and mites infestation on your pet body by use of Me & My Ticks and Flea Shampoo (give bath once in a week)

Q. What should be done if the dog is not eating food but drinking water?

The dog does not eat the food but drinks lots of water, and this condition is observed in cases of chronic kidney disease (dog drinks a lot of water but shows no interest in eating the food), in pain or depression, shift to a new house, change in feed or feeding schedule, or could be any other serious reason, so please consult your veterinary physician and go for further diagnostic tests like serum creatinine ALT, AST, etc. To improve the condition Homeopathic Veterinary Medicine CYSTIGO for PETS-30ml @ 20 drops three times a day can be used.

Q. What is the major difference between anorexia and appetite?

Anorexia is defined as the loss of an appetite for food. Anorexia is commonly associated with various systemic disturbances. True anorexia can be due to depression, weight loss, fever, dyspnea, organomegaly, vomiting, diarrhea, cough, etc.

In appetite is the partial loss of appetite, just the partial loss of eating desire. The Best Available Homeopathic Veterinary Medicine for Anorexia in Pets is PENTAVET for PETS 30ml

Q. What could be the reason behind an old-aged dog not eating and sleeping a lot these days?

Old aged dogs not eating and sleeping a lot could be because of illness and inflammatory conditions like osteoarthritis (pain during walking or standing, so the dog lying on the floor or sleeping all the time is common), chronic kidney disease (stops eating food, vomition, anemia), liver dysfunction (in appetite, ascites, anemia), diabetes (causes weakness and lethargic condition) hypothyroidism (obesity increases and the dog becomes lethargic, sleepy), dental problems (dental tartar causing gingivitis, pain during mastication), behavioral changes, decrease in responsiveness because of senility, etc.

Q. What could be the reasons for the loss of appetite in dogs?

Many causes can affect the appetite of your pet, like improper vaccination, deworming schedule, imbalance in diet, a sudden change in feed or feeding schedule, an infestation of ticks and mites, heavy worm load, hepatic and renal disturbances, diabetes, depression, fever, change in micro-environment of your pet like the introduction of a new pet into the family, moving into the new house, etc.

Q. What could be the reason for my dog not eating or drinking and shaking continuously?

In the case of canines, there are numerous conditions in which a dog’s body gets tremors or shakes and the dog doesn’t eat or drink, like in chronic kidney disease, poisoning (chocolate, nicotine, xylitol -an artificial sweetener found in chewing gums), snake bite that contains a Metaldehyde which can cause severe muscle tremors and convulsions, pets in excitement suffer from muscle tremors when in pain, in nausea, in case of canine distemper, etc., where the Homeopathic Veterinary Medicine STRESSZA for PETS- 30ml (20 drops three times a day) comes into rescue. Even in the case of Generalized Tremor Syndrome or Shaker dog syndrome, hind limb tremors in geriatric dogs, epilepsy, meningitis, etc., Stressza medicine is very useful.

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